Friday, April 16, 2010

Big Dan's Big News April 16, 2010

YOU'RE FIRED, if you go to the Massey miners' funerals:

Laura Morris, the cousin of Jason Atkins, a killed miner, with John Davis, her husband. Massey Energy told employees that if they miss work to attend the funerals they would be fired, workers said. A Massey worker, who did not give his name because he is afraid of losing his job, said that his coworkers were outraged that they were not given time off to mourn their friends and brothers.

Massey Energy told employees that if they miss work to attend the funerals they would be fired, workers said.

Deadliest US mine disaster in nearly 40 years - Families begin to bury 29 killed in West Virginia explosion

Do you STILL believe the corporate owned media is "liberal"? Look at THIS:

Not once, in all five days of coverage, did a single reporter mention the organization that has worked hardest over the decades to make sure that mining management does not cut safety corners and that miners can monitor their own working conditions with impunity. The union went unmentioned, as did the fact that the Upper Big Branch workforce went unorganized:

In Discussion of Mine Disaster Coverage, Only Imaginary Unions Allowed

Multi-Millionaire Rush Limbaugh is the voice of the BIG BOSSES against the miners; trashes UNIONS in NON-UNION mine:

This article below says "UNINFORMED" Rush Limbaugh...sorry, Think Progress...IT'S ON PURPOSE!!! He's PAID to misinform middleclass Americans via AM radio on behalf of the wealthy!!!

Uninformed Limbaugh Wonders ‘Where Was The Union’ At Non-Union Mine Disaster

PROOF BEYOND A DOUBT: "Tea Party" was a GOP concoction, not a "spontaneous, grassroots, non-partisan uprising".

So, please, let's stop this BULLSHIT that it's "non-partisan". IT'S REPUBLICAN!!! Like I've been saying here at BDBB since the BEGINNING!!! AND...this also provides more proof of something else I've been saying: the corporate owned media that wants you to think they're liberal was in on it the whole time! All the mainstream media did, was to SHOVE THE TEA PARTY DOWN OUR THROATS! All the while, ignoring LARGER anti-war protests, immigration protests, gay rights protests, and all other LARGER protests that aren't pro-corporation, pro-military, or pro-wealthy! And it also shows FOX "news" for what it really is: A GOP OPERATION...not NEWS!

The REAL News: Can the U.S. dollar remain the world's currency???

Hedging their bets???

Companies providing life and health insurance owned $1.9 billion worth of stock in the fast-food industry as of June 11, 2009, researchers reported online in the American Journal of Public Health.

What's in those brownies, for god's sake???

NORML is saddened to report the passing of Jack Herer, the founder of the modern day hemp movement.

U.S. drone attacks cause more hatred of America:

Cops out of control (see my post yesterday)...where are the TeaBaggers and conservatives on this???

EXCLUSIVE: BART Police Ordered To Turn In Tasers

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