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Big Dan's Big News April 3, 2010

Dr. Jesus Gun Dixie TeaBagger: The World's Worst Doctor

Doctor refuses to treat patients if they were an Obama supporter...and I bet TeaBaggers/Republicans/rightwing media are happy about this or silent about it. OR...they'll say, "It's not right...BUT...", like with the violence against Democrats. He's from...WAIT FOR IT...YA READY??? THE SOUTH!!!!!! YEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Florida urologist Jack Cassell posted a sign on his office door reading, "If you voted for Obama ... seek urologic care elsewhere. Changes to your health care begin right now, not in four years." His lame defense to get out of it: "I'm not turning anyone away. But if they read the sign and turn away, so be it."

Doctor Jack Cassell Refuses To Treat Obama Supporters

Keep in mind as you watch this, he REALLY said as his defense: "I'm not turning anyone away. But if they read the sign and turn away, so be it." His sign said: "If you voted for Obama ... seek urologic care elsewhere. Changes to your health care begin right now, not in four years."

Doctor turns away Obama supporter: Congressman Grayson exposed a doctor in Mount Dora, Florida, who told supporters of President Obama to seek care elsewhere.

George Carlin said that somewhere in the world is the "world's worst doctor"...and someone has an appointment with him!!!

I miss the NEPA bloggers' they have a record crowd and get in all the papers...FINE!!! (We had our fantasy baseball draft the same day, that's more important!!!). It's an evil plot, I TELLZ YA!!! GORT scheduled this on my draft day on purpose...I TELLZ YA!!! Actually, I wish to remain a mystery. Oh, who am I FOOLIN'!!! I had a baseball draft!!! I've been in the league 18 years and I schmeeriously can't miss it!!

PITTSTON - Political bloggers and candidates for various elected offices: strange bedfellows?

Not necessarily. The number of both at Friday's meetup in Rooney's Irish Pub was an indication that local blogs are becoming important players in the political arena.

Wilkes-Barre Citizen's Voice: Candidates meet the faces behind the screen names

Special Commentary by Big Dan: "Blogs are the 'peoples' media'. You don't need any (or a lot of) money, you can write whatever you want and whenever you want, and blogs are just the same people around NEPA as everyone else, no more, no less. You don't have to send a letter to the paper and hope they print it, or print it and don't edit it. You don't have to call a radio station and wait on hold and have the host cut you off or redirect what you're talking about. It's like Rock 'n Roll - it's here to stay. And we weren't "waiting around" to get any recognition from the old media. But that's nice anyway. If I were to describe my blog, the main thing would be that I love to post under reported or ZERO reported TRUE news that isn't being covered by the corporate owned media they want us to think is liberal, expert opinion, and some humor and music...and my OWN opinions on things. And I love when people comment on my blog, even if I don't agree with them. And I love to read comments on other blogs. It's participatory media of the people. It's TWO WAY participatory communication, not one way like TV (or for all intents and purposes radio and newspapers) where you really don't get to participate. What is it that TV, newspaper, and radio first feared about blogs and the internet? I believe it was that everyone's voices could be heard bypassing their filters. Can you think of any reason TV, newspapers, and radio aren't reporting this story I'm reporting on yesterday and today - of the gold and silver markets in London being rigged by JP Morgan Chase? Any reason at all??? Not important enough??? If I worked for a newspaper, they probably wouldn't let me print it. I don't hear ONE radio talk show host talking about it. And I don't see it on TV."

Special Guest Commentary by plunger: "Speaking of Federal Reserve cover-ups, we also learned this week that the New York Fed Bank has been ‘warehousing’ toxic assets by the larger investment banks, allowing them to post numbers that look better than they ought to be. They’ve been doing this since at least 2003, when Timothy Geithner was named head of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. “Turbo-Tax-Tim” is now Obama’s Treasury Secretary. How wonderful it is when the central bank that Congress grants oversight of the banking and monetary system to is owned by private banks. Sort of akin to somebody on a diet putting a padlock on their fridge and then keeping the key handy. More news emerged this week on market manipulation as well! The U.S. Justice Department is targeting two major investments firms, J.P. Morgan-Chase and UBS, for rigging the Muni-Fund market. Likewise, JPM-Chase has also been implicated in a scheme to rig the silver market (bd: see yesterday's post). A London broker, Andrew Maguire, who blew the whistle in November of 2009, told the CFTC how JP Morgan-Chase was heavy in shorting silver thanks to their acquisition of Bear Sterns. They, as well as HSBC, were also named by Maguire as manipulating the gold market. Speaking of gold…More news broke this past week about Gordon Brown’s ‘gold bottom’. In 1999, as Tony Blair’s chancellor, Brown dumped half of the UK’s sovereign gold reserves, a mere 395 TONS, on the market at discounted prices in an effort to keep gold prices down. Most was sold at prices ranging from $256 to $296 per ounce. Tony Blair, who now oddly enough works for JP Morgan-Chase (bd: mean the same way Hank Paulson of Goldman-Sachs was Bush's Treasury Secretary and Tim Geithner of Goldman-Sachs is Obama's Treasury Secretary???), went along with Brown’s decision, despite warnings by the Bank of England. Oh, but Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPM-Chase, asked that folks stop picking on them. Yes, it’s been another terrific week of rigged markets, phony optimism and high-level corruption. Google: "JP Morgan + fraud"......They are under legal assault from all quarters – and this posting remains prominently featured.......THERE IS NO MARKET!!!"

Palin and "Moosey", a character I made up:

When FAKE "conservative" Sarah Palin quit being governor of Alaska, she left it with the HIGHEST DEBT of any state.

Robert Greenwald discusses Fox News and Sarah Palin's "Real American Stories" on The Ed Show

2008 RNC Convention: DRILL, BABY, DRILL! They were FOR it...before they were against it:

GRITtv: Oppose Israel Without Being Anti-Semitic - Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies discusses the difference between being anti-Semitic and opposing Israel's policies.

David Swanson: When my friend Jodie Evans recently tried to make a citizen’s arrest of Karl Rove, he declared the Downing Street Minutes to be "a complete fabrication." Of course, this "complete fabrication" was actually the minutes of an official meeting held by then British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Blair and Bush were asked about the document at a White House press conference in June 2005 and did not deny its authenticity. But that document is one of the lesser pieces of evidence that we were lied into the Iraq War. I have laid out the overwhelming case in my book, "Daybreak."

SWANSON: WaPo Wants Immunity for War Crimes

The excellent blog, George Washington's Blog, tackles the question as to whether blogs are useful or a waste of time:

George Washington - Blogs: Crucial or a Waste of Time?

George Washington - Blogs Are Useful to the Extent They Provide Information, Hope and Suggestions for Concrete Action

SUMMARY: A consistent pattern of reduced shopping trips continues to be a major element of consumer’s economic coping strategies. In the latest battle for share of wallet, those retailers who satisfy consumers through differentiation will gain more of less.

Recessionary Impact: Fewer Shopping Trips and Less Spending Per Trip

Think "Washington Post" when you watch this:

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