Friday, April 23, 2010

Big Dan's Big News April 23, 2010

Republicans start the same SHIT with financial reform as they did with Health Care: START OVER!!!

AP misreports their OWN poll (on purpose, I guarantee you) about marijuana to make you think most people don't want to legalize it! I keep telling you, the corporate owned media they want us to think is liberal, is a sham. It's OWNED by 90% conservatives and corporations. AP wanted to "manufacture consent" against legalizing pot. Don't believe every "poll" you see.

The AP's own report completely failed to mention the key data, which would appear to contradict their lead angle. Instead, the news wire handed the story's sole alcohol reference to the California Narcotics Officers Association, which suggested marijuana legalization is unpopular due to problems caused by alcohol and prescription drugs.

Media flipped key findings of legalization poll. Large majority in US want marijuana treated like alcohol

Poll: Majority Of Americans Say Pot Should Be Treated Like Booze

Watch and learn:

DRILL, BABY, DRILL!!! Wait until they off shore drill and it ruins beaches along the east coast!!! Which president or party wants to be responsible for that??? We're seeing how safe the drilling in Marcellus Shale is doing, right? Take a look at the original environmental disasters: oil spills -

Obama = Wall Street? Celente on corruption and gambling in finance

Can I see your papers, please??? Man gets pulled over and put in chains because he has brown skin and doesn't have his birth certificate on him in Arizona!!! See yesterday's post about this, too...

Hazleton's mayor Lou Barletta would be proud:

RNC blew $340,000 on posh three-day Hawaii bash — $56,000 a day

FBI, IRS investigating Florida GOP credit card use

Will we ever find out the full picture of 9/11??? Interview with Jesse Ventura - Midweek Politics with David Pakman

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