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Big Dan's Big News April 7, 2010

A leaked videotape of a 2007 U.S. helicopter attack in Baghdad that killed a dozen Iraqis was unveiled on April 5 by the website WikiLeaks. To much of the corporate media, though, it was either not worth reporting at all, or an unfortunate incident to be defended.

The graphic and disturbing video includes audio of the helicopter pilots cheering their attacks. Two journalists working for Reuters--photographer Namir Noor-Eldeen and driver Saed Chmagh--were killed in the assault, which U.S. military officials had claimed was a response to insurgent activity. WikiLeaks says it acquired the video from whistleblowers within the military.

Iraq Killings and Media Indifference: Leaked video mostly ignored by corporate media

Weapons of Mass Deception - how the corporate owned media that wants us to think they're liberal, pushed us into the Iraq War. The corporate owned media serves the wealthy, the military industrial complex, and corporations. All of those aren't liberal. When you have the power and OWN the media, you use it to serve your interests. Such as war profiteering. Has the media merged with the military? -

World Trade Center 7 - WTC7 (google it) - 47 story building a block away from the Twin Towers, was NOT HIT BY A PLANE and fell like this, controlled demolition style, free fall in seconds. Again: NOT hit by a plane...this is NOT the Twin Towers, this happened on the same day as the Twin Towers. "Freefall" means all parts of the building, the top, the bottom foot of it, the middle, every single part of it fell at once, that's "freefall", and that only happens with controlled demolition. All of the buildings' vertical supports had to have given way at the EXACT SAME TIME, this is only accomplished by controlled demolition and CANNOT happen spontaneously, "lucky", is impossible:

BOMBSHELL! The Lobbying Media Complex

THE NATION MAGAZINE/Sebastian Jones: The Lobbying-Media Complex

At Media Matters' we've repeatedly pointed out the media's inability to consistently identify the conflicts of interest or note-worthy connections of contributors and guests on various cable news outlets as well as those quoted in major newspapers as experts. Years' worth of examples of past Media Matters research on the subject can be found at the end of this post.

The Nation's Sebastian Jones has an incredible piece out this week detailing the results of a four month investigation which found that, "[s]ince 2007 at least seventy-five registered lobbyists, public relations representatives and corporate officials -- people paid by companies and trade groups to manage their public image and promote their financial and political interests -- have appeared on MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, CNBC and Fox Business Network with no disclosure of the corporate interests that had paid them."

Will Kurtz, others cover bombshell Nation story on "The Lobbying-Media Complex"?

The Military Media, part of the FAKE liberal media.

MSNBC repeatedly hosts McCaffrey to discuss Afghanistan without disclosing his conflict of interest

One of the components of the "liberal media": the military industrial complex. I'm always harping here, that the corporate owned mainstream media that pretends to be liberal actually serves 3 things: the wealthiest few, corporations, and the military industrial complex. The SHAM they perpetrate is getting you to believe it's liberal.

Pentagon Pundits

The Terror-Industrial Complex

Pentagon Pundits - Blinded by the Right

The Myth of the Liberal Media: Manufacturing Consent (Noam Chomsky):

Here's another example of the corporate owned media they want us to think is liberal: Republican operatives put out an edited hoax video with voice-overs where they led everyone to believe James O'Keefe dressed up as a pimp and went into ACORN offices and ACORN willingly helped this "pimp". The media tried and convicted ACORN, congress tried and convicted ACORN based on this hoax video and put out The Defund ACORN Act. NOW, when this REALLY went to court, ACORN was found not guilty and the judges said the video was highly edited to "meet an agenda". ACORN is a grassroots organization of mostly poor minorities. One of their by-products is they get these minorities to register to vote. So, The Republican Party has been attacking them relentlessly like this because they fear their numbers and they don't vote Republican. Mission: Accomplished by the rich Republicans - ACORN has disbanded because of this false hoax video. Everyone should be outraged about this!!! But don't expect the corporate owned media to blast these Republicans operatives like they played the hoax "pimp" video 24x7 for weeks, aiding the false attack on ACORN.

Maddow Airs Unedited ACORN Videos: 'Firestorm that Killed ACORN Was Fueled by Pure Manure'

JP Morgan/Chase caught fixing gold/silver but Media SILENT; talking about Tiger Woods instead...

A Method to Republican 'Madness' - Washington’s conventional wisdom for explaining the intensity of Republican obstructionism toward President Barack Obama breaks down one of two ways: either it’s a philosophical disagreement over the role of government or a desperate need to stay in line with a radicalized right-wing base.

A central Washington man was so enraged by the passage of federal health care reform that he threatened to kill U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, prosecutors charged Tuesday.

Say "bye bye" to the internet:

Court: FCC has no power to regulate Net neutrality

A central Washington man was so enraged by the passage of federal health care reform that he threatened to kill U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, prosecutors charged Tuesday.

You Two Guys Cannot Take Any More Days Off

Special Commentary and Message to The Daily Show and The Colbert Report from Big Dan: "When Brian Williams goes on vacaction, does NBC show reruns of the 'news'? When Keith Olbermann takes a vacation, they get a guest host in and keep the news rolling. Here's some advice for you - Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert: GET A GUEST HOST WHEN YOU'RE OFF AND KEEP YOUR NEWS ROLLING! It's more accurate and informative than the corporate owned mainstream media they want us to think is liberal: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and Fox 'news'. Since you have the real news there now, but just say it in an intelligent and funny way, you now CANNOT TAKE ANY DAYS OFF. And when you DO take off a week, it takes you another week to get back in the groove and viewers have started watching other shows in the meantime and you have to get them back. Don't you realize this? Stewart: YOU have John Oliver sub for you. Colbert: you have a problem, you don't have correspondents like Stewart has. Stewart can even have his Senior Black Correspondent sub, or Samantha Bee, or Jason Jones. Colbert: you will have to get Riggleman out of retirement or something like that, you'll think of something. Just a suggestion...a very accurate SPOT-ON suggestion: GET GUEST HOSTS AND NEVER SHOW REPEATS! When you realize this is the smart thing to do, you can send me an email where I can pick up my check from Comedy Central for you stealing my idea."

John McCain sells his soul: Not a Maverick, and TOO BIG TO FAIL -

Stewart bucks the networks trends, and points out hypocrisy...IE: Stewart doesn't let politicians just "say shit" - John McCain says that he never considered himself as a Maverick...Stewart says he doesn't even F*CKING NEED TO show a montage of McCain saying he's a Maverick, like he does to other liars!!!

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Steven Colbert at President Bush's 2006 White House Correspondent Dinner:

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Should drugs be legal???

Small Faces: Whatcha Gonna Do About It???

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