Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Big Dan's Big News April 14, 2010

It's official! Vatican says when the Catholic Church molests young should be reported!

2010 AD: "This week, the Vatican for the first time made it clear that bishops and clerics worldwide should report such crimes to police if they are required to by law, matching a policy worked out by U.S. bishops after an explosion of sex abuse cases in 2002."

US Catholic church moving faster on abuse cases

FONZIE: Tell me you ain't in on this - Hitchens & Dawkins Seek to Have Pope Arrested Upon Visit to Britain!

The Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct board thought it was more important to investigate allegations that Judge Ann Lokuta's mistreated court staff and showed up late for hearings, than to investigate the Luzerne Country Judges "Kids for Cash" scandal!!!

So, exactly why was the Pa. Judicial Conduct board so hell-bent on getting Ann Lokuta off the bench, rather than investigating the far more important Judges Conahan and Ciavarella throwing kids in jail for cash profits for themselves? I think someone should get in big trouble for this!

Conduct Board's chief counsel delayed Conahan probe

Chairman recused himself from investigation

This was not as important for the Pa. Judicial Conduct Board to investigate...parents should be in an uproar about this:

2009 - More U.S. military committed suicide than died by enemy hands:

Still don't think the U.S. national corporate owned media doesn't serve the wealthy, corporations, and the military industrial complex? Here is a shocking statistic that you won't hear in most western news media: over the past nine years, more US military personnel have taken their own lives than have died in action in either the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. These are official figures from the US Department of Defence, yet somehow they have not been deemed newsworthy to report. Last year alone, more than 330 serving members of the US armed forces committed suicide - more than the 320 killed in Afghanistan and the 150 who fell in Iraq.

A Sign of Empire Pathology: More US military personnel have taken their OWN lives than have died in action

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have, since 2001, cost you personally $7,334

Enter your tax $$$ here, and see what's going where.

Rethink Afghanistan War (Part 6): Security

I keep telling YOU to beware of people wearing flags, calling themselves "patriots", and calling themselves "liberals" (Steve Corbett of WILK FOX "news, Jr.), "freedom" in a name like "Freedom Works", "liberty"..... Here's the guy who's responsible for all the mine violations and guess what? He's wearing RED, WHITE, AND BLUE! Sound familiar? Did you ever see rightwing books by Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly and guys like that? What's on the cover? RED, WHITE, AND BLUE! PLEEEEEEEEESE STOP BEING STUPID AND FALLING FOR THIS PROPAGANDA! YOU will PAY...sooner or later! YOU will...

Hannity’s FREEDOM charity is ‘huge scam’: conservative blogger

VR Calls for Accountability...Twice This Week...For Hunter to be disbarred, for Blankenship to be arrested...


DITTOHEAD INTERVENTION ALERT!!!!!!! - Here's what progressive radio looks like, something you'll never see on WILK FOX "news", Jr. - Thom Hartmann, the most famous syndicated progressive radio show host. Now compare this to Rush Limbaugh. You will NOT learn anything listening to rightwing radio, you will be DUMBING YOURSELF DOWN. In this day and age, you can listen to Thom Hartman anywhere streaming on the internet, you don't have to listen to WILK FOX "news", Jr., with their entire rightwing radical lineup DUMBING YOU DOWN and making you an IDIOT:

More FAKERY by Sarah Palin and FOX "news" - when are they going to stop LYING???

Are the gold bars at Fort Know FAKE? There's been rumors of this for YEARS! Can we have experts check them out? How come they never do? How come no one EVER talks about the gold in Fort Know? Why don't U.S. citizens, the TeaBaggers, and the whole gang...DEMAND an audit, accounting, and examination of the gold in Fort Knox? And see who objects the loudest? Like we see who's objecting the loudest to auditing the FED? Did you notice the auditing of the FED just disappeared out of the media?

Fake gold bars! What's next?

Media Blackout Broken – NY Post Covers JP Morgan Chase Gold & Silver Fraud Revealed By Andrew Maguire At GATA’s CFTC Testimony. Gold Vaults Empty?

Can the U.S. dollar collapse? The REAL news:

The black president's gonna git ya!!! Oklahoma Republican wants Oklahoma legislature to form an armed militia, encourages the Tea Party to do so. Please: let the south secede like they want, let all the Republicans up here in the North go down South, and all the WILK listeners and hosts can please move down South!!! And take Steve Corbett with you! WILK, the Confederate Jesus TeaBagger channel, would fit in nicely in Oklahoma!

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