Saturday, April 24, 2010

Big Dan's Big News April 24, 2010

Hazleton's Lou Barletta, the TeaBaggers, and the Confederacy "want their country back" - What's going on in Arizona is TOTALLY RELEVANT to Hazleton's Major and Kanjorski challenger Lou we really want Lou Barletta to embarrass NEPA on a national stage as a U.S. Congressman???

The Confederacy lives!!! Arizona's governor signs into law The Paper's Please bill: requires police officers in Arizona of any person WHO LOOKS LIKE he or she may be an "illegal alien" - Lou Barletta would be proud! He should move to Arizona!

Question for Arizona police: WHAT DOES AN ILLEGAL ALIEN LOOK LIKE??? The elephant in the room is the question: "What would make a police officer SUSPECT someone is an illegal alien?" Answer: THEY LOOK HISPANIC! THERE IS NO OTHER ANSWER! America is changing and the TeaBaggers and the Confederacy "want their country back"!!! Like the "old days". Know what I mean? The whites in good ole RED STATES like Texas and Arizona are afraid of the fact that they will soon for the first time ever be the minority in their states. That is why this is happening. It's not to "save taxpayers money", and all that other BULLSHIT! Just tell it like it is!

My previous post about Lou Barletta.

This might eventually get ripped down, but here goes:

Bill Maher to the TeaBaggers - If you're protesting government debt and NOT protesting the biggest part, our military empire spending, you will have to admit that you are just racist sore losers:

TeaBaggers: here's where most of your government spending is going...

Iraq, Afghan wars drop bombs on US image abroad as Obama's fame fades

Cenk on MSNBC - Goes Off On Tea Party

Wellpoint Insurance Targets Breast Cancer Patients

Bill Maher opening monologue and interview with Dr. Kervorkian:

Yeah, I'm nuts for writing this one...but NOW IT'S FUNNY!!!

BDBB Funny Flashback: Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - Geico Gecko Charged With Rape, Extortion

Here's the top liberal/progressive radio show host in the nation, the anti-WILK FOX "news"'ll never see Thom Hartmann syndicated on WILK like Rush Limbaugh or Mike Savage, they have a strict rightwing GOP lineup:


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