Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big Dan's Big News April 22, 2010 - Stop Lou Barletta: NO PROBLEM-O!!!!!!!

Hazleton's Lou Barletta: Lou, here's an idea for you, watch the Steven Colbert video below...racial profiling brown-skinned people in Arizona. Just don't look in the mirror, Lou, because YOU have brown skin...

Above: Lou Barletta...possibly asking someone if their "papers are in order"...that nose looks kinda "Muslim"...we better check that out! Keep clear of the tanning booths...

Please do NOT embarrass NEPA and let Lou Barletta and his thinly disguised racism represent the people of this area. He gets a free ride on WILK FOX "news" Jr. as a forum where they never challenge him on how radical he is. Steve "FAKE liberal" Corbett, Barletta's stenographer, used to do this when he first came into the area and was trying to fake us out on how liberal he was. Those days are gone, and he's now "chums" with him. To fake you out, he says he voted for Paul Kanjorski, but devotes many hours to attacking Kanjorski and NOT attacking Lou Barletta. Like I always say: Steve, why don't you say you voted for Barletta...and devote hours to attacking Barletta? That's a better deal! I'll take up the slack. Don't embarrass the people of NEPA and have radical Lou Barletta on the national stage. Lou should move to the Confederacy down South, in particular to Arizona where he'd fit right in, where's they're dividing people to rise in power. This is the NORTH, Lou. Is your town of Hazleton a ghost town yet?

Penn. Mayor Lou Barletta, a Controversial Immigration Hardliner, Complains that College Course Portrays Him Unfairly

Righwing Watch: Lou Barletta

NEPA's Lou Barletta should watch this - legalizing racial profiling in Arizona: Immigrants account for $29 Billion of Arizona's economy, once there's no more people in Arizona...NO PROBLEM-O!!!!!

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They ALL say "You got me all wrong!!!

Lou Barletta, the John McCain of NEPA. McCain: Immigrants cause accidents on purpose - unbelievable! How far has John McCain fallen? What if he was our president? Along with radical rightwinger Sarah Palin? Either John McCain is SENILE, or he wants to be reelected in Arizona so bad, that he'll just say anything. What a sad SAD old man:

Papers Please Nazi "SS" Gestapo Check Point inside the USA,

Your Papers, Please!!! Man gets chained for having brown skin and not having his birth certificate on him in Arizona!!!

Your Papers, Please!!!

Fiscal Conservatives: RNC Spent $340K On Hawaii Meeting

The best the GOP could do against Harry Reid in Nevada: chickens for health care!!! Hey Sue...I DON'T HAVE ANY CHICKENS!!!

Dems Fricassee Lowden For Chicken-Bartering Health Care Plan

Chickens for Checkups Website

This is no joke: the best the Republicans could offer up against Harry Reid is a woman who said we should pay for health care with chickens...I'm not kidding! Watch this:

The last black Republican: JC Watts 2002 -

CPAC brings JC Watts out of retirement to freestyle rap:

JC Watts, the last black Republican (2002), comes out of retirement to participate in the CPAC Freestyle Rap contest: "There's not much rapping going on"

(note: in case anyone hasn't noticed, I have a recurring funny on this blog about JC Watts being the last black Republican in congress...which is true. 2002 look it up. The GOP will be having a decade celebration soon on being "black-free". I take advantage of it every chance I get! LOL!!!!!!! For those of you with no sense of humor, NO, JC Watts didn't actually come out of retirement to freestyle rap at CPAC. I better say that, or some idiot will be saying: "Hey, did you hear? JC Watts came out of retirement to freestyle rap at CPAC - COOOOOL!!!!!! The Republicans are 'hip'!!!!!!!!!")

No rapping or blacks at the CPAC...but plenty of gay-bashing! Here's how Republicans act when they're with their own: Young Americans for Freedom...but not gay freedom:

Why I Will Vote Republican, by Seargent Freedom

Excerpt of "Why I Will Vote Republican":
I am a Republican because I am tired of immigrants coming to this country and taking our jobs. I know a lot of hardworking American lettuce pickers. It doesn't bother me that our Corporations are shipping our jobs to other countries for cheaper labor and to avoid labor regulations. I'm tired of paying taxes, which is the only reason I can sympathize with immigrant workers who must stay undocumented. They don't have to pay taxes! Hopefully, if a Republican is elected, they will finally let me have a post office box in the Cayman Islands so I don’t have to pay taxes either, the way the corporations do.

I am a Republican because I'm tired of minorities whining. They have the same opportunities as every one else but they shouldn’t be allowed to get perfect grades, be Constitutional Law Professors, and be President (especially if they’re black). I don’t like affirmative action for poor minorities. I don’t care if the rich and super rich can get into Ivy League Universities, even with failing grades, simply through large donations to endowments “legacy” status, which is affirmative action for the rich. They earned it. Being a fortunate son has its advantages. If you want them, go earn them and stop being a lazy ass.

I hate socialism. I love the military. It doesn't matter to me that the military is provided to me by the contributions of all taxpayers, and defends me as it defends all. I don't care if the Interstate Highway System was built in this manner as well. That was then. If bridges collapse now, people that live near the bridge should pay to fix it, not me.

I believe in a strong military. I believe in our right to preemptively defend ourselves, even if that is an oxymoron. I also believe that we should have the right to bomb any country we believe might be threatening us back into the Stone Age, and that the people of those countries we are invading have no right to defend themselves. I believe a sovereign and safe America also includes annexing the countries of Canada and Mexico.

Republicans believe in an all volunteer military, and I am against the draft – because in a society that runs properly there should be a large pool of poor people with no other options whom we can attack and disparage for being lazy and not joining the military. A military composed of large numbers of volunteer minorities and rural poor whites can only be a good thing.

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