Monday, April 19, 2010

Big Dan's Big News April 19, 2010

WILK FOX "news" Jr.'s FAKE liberal Steve Corbett likes his eagles to fly free: I'm riding around over the weekend surfing the CRAPPY radio channels we have in NEPA, and I hear this promo on WILK FOX "news" Jr. for FAKE liberal Steve Corbett: "I want my eagles to fly free", he says. I assume with all the news going on like Goldman Sachs being sued for knowingly packaging bad mortgages into funds, selling them, and then betting they would fail and making billions, the volcano, the wars, and things like that...he was talking about EAGLES for some reason. Maybe for a soundbite "I want my eagles to fly free"??? Steve Corbett, the FAKE liberal who never met a Republican he didn't like and devotes all his shows to attacking Democrats and ignoring liberals...wants his eagles to fly free! Beware of pundits who talk about eagles flying free, have books with red/white/blue all over them, or call themselves "patriots" (or "liberals" in this case). Let me be clear on WILK FOX "news" Jr.: they have NO VOICES FROM THE LEFT. The entire channel is for REPUBLICANS, including FAKE liberal Steve Corbett. If Steve Corbett was a liberal, he'd have his ASS FIRED (and maybe TAZED) like Kevin Lynn. Isn't it funny how the ONLY voice even a notch left of center and who just won an award the previous week, was fired from WILK FOX "news" Jr.? Steve: stop saying as proof that you're a liberal, that you voted for Jesse Jackson 4 decades ago and wrote a column about racism long long ago in a far away land. We're on to that, in case you didn't know it. So, listen to WILK if you want ONE point of view - from the right. There's no voices from the left. And listen to Steve "FAKE liberal" Corbett...but not because he likes his eagles to fly free, listen to him because you're a Republican and you want to hear someone bashing Democrats and ignoring liberals for 4 hours and you enjoy lots of commercials!

Frank Rich NYTimes: Welcome to Confederate History Month

Do Tea Partiers Support Billions In U.S. Taxpayer Dollars Going To Israel?

The REAL News - Tea Party Voices:

The book "CORNERED" - explains the original Boston Tea Party was NOT against high taxes, but AGAINST MONOPOLIES:

StopTheChamber Makes Formal Request To Attorney General For Appointment Of Special Prosecutor To Investigate Don Blankenship.

Massey Energy & Don Blankenship: Million-dollar Tea Party sponsors


US military base under Taliban control

Collateral Murder?

Older Rockin' parents: do you want your kids to learn the old nursery rhymes, but put to music that YOU like??? It's all about YOU, not your kids!!!

Now...Pearl Jam FOR REAL!!!!!!!!

Rage Against The Machine - "Fuck You, I won't do what you tell me":

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