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Hundreds of juveniles were denied their rights and wrongly imprisoned in Luzerne County Judge Mark A. Ciavarella’s incarceration-for-kickbacks scheme, their attorneys claim. But at least one family fought back.

Elizabeth Habel was 15 years old when she was arrested at her high school for showing up drunk one morning in February 2006. Loosened up by a bottle of vodka she’d shared with two friends, she told her parents a terrible secret she’d been hiding.

Family Fought Back

CV Courthouse of Corruption articles.


Ron Paul, the only real conservative, is actually allowed to speak at CPAC. He highlights that we killed OVER A MILLION IRAQI's!!! He says we can't afford to be the world police anymore. Please see my heading about the costs of the Iraq War, even though we're having a financial crisis.

Remarkably, one of the most powerful organizations of the federal government, the Federal Reserve, is not subject to audit. Congressman Ron Paul wants to change that.

Ron Paul to Submit Bill Calling for Audit of Federal Reserve

Lisa Pagan with her husband, Travis, and her children Elizabeth, 4, and Eric, 3, at their home in Davidson, N.C., on Friday. The mom has spent more than a year fighting her recall to active duty.

Soldier mom plans to report for duty with kids. N.C. woman settles on alternative to leaving family behind, refusing orders


While the reckless giant banks are shattering like an over-heated glacier day by day, the nation's credit unions are a relative island of calm largely apart from the vortex of casino capitalism.

Eighty five million Americans belong to credit unions which are not-for-profit cooperatives owned by their members who are depositors and borrowers. Your neighborhood or workplace credit union did not invest in these notorious speculative derivatives nor did they offer people ?teaser rates? to sign on for a home mortgage they could not afford.

How Credit Unions Survived the Crash. By RALPH NADER

JPMorgan Chase faces lawsuits after pulling cash from Madoff

Big Dan's CPAC Coverage

Sticks and Stones - Fifth Estate

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Media ownership study ordered destroyed

The Republican Noise Machine

David Brock, the reformed conservative noise-maker, on how the Right has sabotaged journalism, democracy, and truth.

As a young journalist in the 1990s, David Brock was a key cog the Republican noise machine. Writing for the American Spectator, a conservative magazine funded by billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife, Brock gained fame for his attack pieces on Anita Hill and President Bill Clinton. Then, in 2002, Brock came clean. In his memoir, Blinded by the Right, Brock admitted that his work was based on lies and distortion, and part of a coordinated smear campaign funded by wealthy right wing groups to discredit Clinton and confuse the public.

Since then, Brock has continued to expose the conservative media onslaught. In his newest book, The Republican Noise Machine, Brock documents how right-wing groups pressure the media and spread misinformation to the public. It's easy to see how this is done.

Fringe conspiracies and stories will be kept alive by outlets like Rush Limbaugh, the Washington Times, and the Drudge Report, until they finally break into the mainstream media.

Media groups like Brent Bozell's Media Research Center have spent 30 years convincing the public that the media is, in fact, liberal. As Brock says, it's all a sham: "I have seen, and I know firsthand, indeed from my own pen, how the organized Right has sabotaged not only journalism but also democracy and truth."

The Republican Noise Machine

David Brock's

John Dean: Karl Rove Is Betting He Can Avoid Publicly Disclosing His Role In the Bush Administration's Firing Of Independent-Minded U. S. Attorneys—But He May Be Wrong

New Rules with Bill Maher, Snuggies, iFarts and Twitters, Feb 27, 2009

Beatles - Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) w/rare footage

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