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Big Dan's Big News March 5, 2009

Special commentary by Big Dan: "Please see my March 3rd commentary about WILK's Steve Corbett. Today, Corbett said he is in Drug Limbaugh's corner because Limbaugh fears censorship from Obama and he thinks he could be next. Corbett does his usual schtick and says 'And I speak as a leftist'. Corbett either doesn't know what a leftist is, or he is knowingly lying about being a self-proclaimed 'leftist liberal'. He also voted for McCain/Palin and is against legalizing marijuana. That's not 'leftist' by anyone's definition of 'leftist'. Riddle me this Corbett: If you are a 'leftist', why would Obama censor you? You just admitted to us all, that you are not a 'leftist'. Thank you for finally admitting it in a round about way. You goofed up! Corbett is the only WILK host that has consistently had 'phone problems' over the past two years, and with people who disagree with him. Steve Corbett - the FAKE 'leftist liberal', who never met a Republican he didn't like. We're on about day 700 of 'leftist' Corbett never mentioning the Bush administration's torture policy or anything else about Bush. He says he did a long time ago. I question that, too. Funny, he continually claims he's not a racist, yet is defending racist Rush Limbaugh...but not defending RNC chairman Michael Steele against attacks, and Steele is black. Corbett will say, though, he wrote about racism somewhere a long time ago. Or, he will say he voted for Jesse Jackson. That's his ace in the hole, mentioning that. I guess that gives him a pass, that he voted for Jesse Jackson decades ago...if that's even true. What have you said and done lately, Steve, that is 'leftist liberal'??? Voting for McCain and being against legalizing marijuana and defending Rush Limbaugh, Steve, aren't 'leftist'. I don't know what planet you're on, but people aren't that stupid."

Something funny is happening in Washington. Within the Republican Party. Something that's music to Democrats' ears. It seems that desperate and disillusioned conservatives, not having learned their lessons from the November election--or worse, still reeling from it--are allowing the rabid right wing talking head Rush Limbaugh to hijack the party. And God help anyone who criticizes him and his sanctimonious, self-aggrandizing rants. They're skewered on-air and humiliatingly brought to their knees, forced into a quick and embarrassing apology.

The Rush to Kiss Rush's Ass

Rubbing it in, Dems create 'I'm sorry, Rush' site for GOP officials

"I'm sorry Rush!" pre-fab form website to apologize to Rush.


1. A person addicted to prescription painkillers

2. a fan of the Rush Limbaugh show

Someone who seeks to make sense of American politics, but delegates the task to a right-wing radio pundit, resulting in a chasm between what is believed to be true and objective reality.

- "Joe says that if the icecaps melt, the water level will actually decrease, because ice takes up more space than liquid water."

- "Doesn't he know most of the world's ice is on land, and not floating in the ocean?"

- "What can you do? He's a dittohead."

"MegaDickHeads, El Rushbo!!!"

Rush Limbaugh making fun of Michael J. Fox's disability:

The late great comedian Bill Hicks on Rush Limbaugh (1980's during Reagan administration):


Following three months of investigation, California's secretary of state has released a report examining why a voting system made by Premier Election Solutions (formerly known as Diebold Election Systems) lost about 200 ballots in Humboldt County during the November presidential election.

But the most startling information in the state's 13-page report (.pdf) is not about why the system lost votes, which Threat Level previously covered in detail, but that some versions of Diebold's vote tabulation system, known as the Global Election Management System (GEMS), include a button that allows someone to delete audit logs from the system.

Auditing logs are required under the federal voting system guidelines, which are used to test and qualify voting systems for use in elections. The logs record changes and other events that occur on voting systems to ensure the integrity of elections and help determine what occurred in a system when something goes wrong.

Report: Diebold Voting System Has 'Delete' Button for Erasing Audit Logs

Does everyone think that because the Democrats won, that electronic voting machines count our votes accurately and can't be hacked into? Watch this movie.

The HBO movie "Hacking Democracy":

Add Voting to your page

Germany's highest court has ruled that the use of electronic voting in the last general election was unconstitutional. However, the Karlsruhe judges said the 2005 vote was still valid as there was no evidence of errors.

German Court Rules E-Voting Unconstitutional

New CA SoS report confirms findings of 'Humboldt Transparency Project,' discovers even more egregious failures in widely-used Diebold voting counting system

One of the citizens who designed the software, responsible for the startling discoveries, offers his thoughts...

E-VOTE BOMBSHELL: Diebold Tabulator Drops Votes, Allows Undetectable Audit Log Deletion

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