Thursday, March 12, 2009

Americans Want Single Payer HR676; Media and Politicians Are Telling Us Otherwise

Special Commentary by Big Dan: "If the family member who provides health care loses their job, they get four $500 checks per month. Two go towards COBRA and one goes for taxing unemployment which Reagan started. So, you have ONE $500 check per month to feed your family, pay your mortgage, pay your electricity, water, heat, and all your other bills. Then you wonder why people are losing their homes and starving. If we had single payer health care, you would keep the two checks going towards COBRA. But they should also get rid of the tax on unemployment so you could keep all your unemployment checks. This is insane that 3 of 4 unemployment checks go towards health care and taxes! I know this firsthand because I actually went through it. I am a witness."

There is a growing movement in America being disregarded by the mainstream corporate media and politicians - single payer health care HR676. The best and only solution is being purposely shut out, which should tell you it's the best. Not-For-Profit health care! Take big business out of health care!

While the Obama administration claims “all options are on the table” for healthcare reform, it’s already rejected the solution favored by most Americans, including doctors: single-payer universal healthcare. We speak with Dr. Quentin Young, perhaps the most well-known single-payer advocate in America. He was the Rev. Martin Luther King’s doctor when he lived in Chicago and a longtime friend and ally of Barack Obama. But he was noticeably not invited to Obama’s White House healthcare summit last week.

Dr. Quentin Young, Longtime Obama Confidante and Physician to MLK, Criticizes Admin's Rejection of Single-Payer Healthcare

Three of the country’s top organizations of direct care registered nurses have come together to form a new national nurses’ union that is advocating for a single-payer national health insurance program. The new union unifies the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee, United American Nurses, and the Massachusetts Nurses Association into a 150,000-member association, making it the largest registered nurses union in US history. We speak with Geri Jenkins, a registered nurse and co-president of the union.

Newly Formed 150,000-Strong Nurses' Union Pushes for Single-Payer Healthcare

Russell Mokhiber, editor of Corporate Crime Reporter, has just formed a new group called “Single Payer Action” that is advocating direct action to demand a single-payer health insurance system in the United States. Today, he is burning his health insurance bill outside the national meeting of the American Health Insurance Plans in Washington, D.C.

Burn Your Health Insurance Bill Day: New Group Advocates Direct Action to Demand Single-Payer System

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