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Big Dan's Big News March 22, 2009

Note: Luzerne County uses ES&S!
KY Election Officials Arrested, Charged With 'Changing Votes at E-Voting Machines'. Circuit court judge, county clerk, and election officials among eight indicted for gaming elections in 2002, 2004, 2006. Used popular, unverifiable ES&S touch-screens to flip votes...

* Clay County Clerk, Freddy Thompson, 45, allegedly provided money to election officers to be distributed by the officers to buy votes and he also instructed officers how to change votes at the voting machine.

* Election officer William E. Stivers, 56, allegedly marked votes or issued tickets to voters who had sold their votes and changed votes at the voting machine.

* Paul E. Bishop, 60, allegedly marked voters or issued tickets to voters who sold their votes and he also hosted alleged meetings at his home where money was pooled together by candidates and distributed to election officers, including himself. He was also accused of instructing the officers how to change votes at the voting machine.

Kentucky officials arrested and indicted today, "including the circuit court judge, the county clerk, and election officers" of Clay County, have been charged with "chang[ing] votes at the voting machine" and showing others how to do it!

Local Kentucky TV coverage of the corrupt judge and election officials.

Five Clay County officials, including the circuit court judge, the county clerk, and election officers were arrested Thursday after they were indicted on federal charges accusing them of using corrupt tactics to obtain political power and personal gain.

The Official Indictment

Note: The below article, DIEBOLD changed their name to "Premier". They pulled the old "switcheroo", as I'm sure AIG will. I have AIG auto insurance for years. My last statement, it said "21st Century". I called them and asked what the deal was, and they wouldn't give me a straight answer, but apparently AIG, at least the auto insurance part of it, pulled the old "switcheroo", too!!! Same CRAP, different name. In other news: Hitler changed his name to Adolph Cunningham, so I guess WWII never happened...

Diebold Admits Audit Logs in ALL Versions of Their Software Fail to Record Ballot Deletions. Startling admission made during public hearing in CA to consider decertification of the company's voting and tabulation software...

Diebold Failure: Not Just for E-Voting Anymore. Malware discovered in their Windows-based ATM systems. Experts suspect insider attack...


(hit the "+" sign to enlarge the print below; scroll down the article with your mouse)Infinite Debt

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) LAUNCHED A SEARCH TOOL FOR UNCOVERED GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS as part of our celebration of Sunshine Week. The search tool is sophisticated technology that allows the public to closely examine thousands of pages of documents we have pried loose from secretive government agencies. In addition, we're posting scores of never-before seen documents on several controversial government initiatives, including the FBI's Investigative Data Warehouse and DCS 3000 surveillance program, and the Department of Homeland Security's Automated Targeting System and ADVISE data-mining project.

Over the past two and a half years, EFF has filed hundreds of FOIA requests and made thousands of pages of once-secret documents available to the public on our website. Our FOIA work has revealed details about the FBI's improper use of National Security Letters, uncovered the Department of Homeland Security's internal policies on searching and interrogating travelers at the border, and revealed information about the technology the government uses to wiretap cell phones.

The release of these new documents is just one step in the ongoing fight for greater government transparency. EFF will continue to pressure the government to remember its
obligations to transparency and to the public.

EFF Launches Search Tool for Uncovered Government Documents. New Search Engine Highlights EFF's Transparency Efforts During Sunshine Week

Full Press Release

Real Time with Bill Maher | New Rules | March 20 2009

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