Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Big Dan's Big News March 24, 2009

How many people have to die from cops tasering them before tasers are banned? I guess it's the same old story - unless it happens to YOU or someone related to you, you don't care.

Teen dies after police Taser him

Just take the word of the Taser corporation and give police tasers...THEN, after a few hundred deaths, check and see if running electricity through someone at high voltage is bad for someone! Take the word of a profit seeking company!

Researchers Shocked: Tasers Cause Dramatic Rise of In-Custody Sudden Deaths. UCSF Study Raises Doubts About Stun Gun Safety

Long touted as a safer alternative to handguns for law enforcement, tasers are potentially deadly weapons that have a growing history of abuse by police and security guards.

First study to test real-world effects of stun gun use raises questions about safety. Zian H. Tseng, M.D. The rate of sudden deaths increased six-fold in the first year that California law enforcement agencies deployed the use of stun guns, according to a UCSF study.

Add Republicans to your page


Headline January 15, 2010: "Defective Chinese Condoms tainted with (fill in the blank) Infecting Millions of Americans"

Nothing bad is going to happen HERE! Now they're going to offshore making condoms to China! Yep! I don't expect anything bad will happen there! I'm sure we'll get quality condoms that don't have lead paint in them, don't leak, won't make your penis shrink...NOPE! Let me ask you this: how many fucking times are we going to witness an oncoming trainwreck and do nothing about it? Christ almighty! No, we'll just wait until we get diseases from lead-tainted leaky condoms from China! Then after it's too late, they'll do a study for a billion dollars and say, "Chinese condoms caused infertility in men" or something like that. I'm telling you IDIOTS right now for FREE that this is going to be BAAAAAAAD!!!!! Then, while all that's going on, corporate America will be doing 100 other things just like this...like whack-a-mole! Stupid Americans with a government that doesn't give a shit about anything and corporations that don't give a shit about anything! What a greedy GREEDY country! The corporations will make more $$$ by offshoring condoms and the government won't stop it! We deserve everything we get, because we don't do anything about it. I'm smart enough to see this train wreck coming - CHINESE FUCKING CONDOMS!!!!! Grrrrrrrr....... Every company that's outsourcing ONE SINGLE JOB in this financial crisis, they should all be thrown in jail!!! But the corporations are doing it and our government isn't stopping it.

Fu Kiu now making lead-based condoms.

Stimulus? U.S. to buy Chinese condoms, ending Alabama jobs


The globalist 3 stooges are at it again! This time they Curly-ed 2 Navy vessels into each other! Recently, they Larry-ed two Satellites into each other and Moe-ed two nuclear submarines into each other. They're going to SHEMP us into oblivion!!!

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