Sunday, March 8, 2009

Big Dan's Big News March 8, 2009

The perfect symbol for the Republican Party - racist, chauvinist, intolerant, anti-gay, male, and white. Rush Limbaugh is Archie Bunker!

Summary: In light of Limbaugh's continued prominence as a major figure among conservatives, Media Matters for America looks back at Limbaugh's history of inflammatory, controversial, and "ugly" remarks.

This is "a great leader for conservatives"? Media Matters looks back at some of the worst of Limbaugh


Here's Rush Limbaugh...OOPS! I mean Archie Bunker:

Update: Michael Steele - The GOP leader drops by the Update desk.

Frank Schaeffer Author of "Crazy for God" on What's Left of the GOP

...and Republicans don't want every American to have health care like every other industrialized country in the world. Health care is a "privilege" and a "want", according to Republicans!

Rep. Wamp: Healthcare Is A ‘Privilege,’ Not A ‘Right’ For All Americans

Card: Health Care Is A ‘Want,’ Not A ‘Need’ — ‘Don’t Have The Government Fund It’

As Obama Hosts Summit on Healthcare, Marginalized Advocates Ask Why Single Payer Is Ignored

What is Single Payer

Summary: As President Obama lays the groundwork for releasing his plan to reform the country's health-care system, Rush Limbaugh responds on cue with a pre-emptive attempt to undermine reform efforts with the tired smear of "socialized medicine." Just how tired? Very -- it is at least three-quarters of a century old. Media Matters found that as far back as the 1930s -- with respect to at least 16 different proposals -- conservatives have volleyed attacks on progressive efforts at health-care reform with the clichéd -- and false -- label of "socialized medicine."

Limbaugh conservatives continue 75-year-old "socialized medicine" smear

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