Saturday, March 28, 2009

Big Dan's Big News March 28, 2009

I told you! I've been telling you, that I've had AIG auto insurance forever, and suddenly, I have "21st Century Insurance"! Here's your proof - here's a letter from them. Keep in mind, I have not seen anywhere in any form of news, that AIG auto insurance is now "21st Century Insurance". Nothing in the news at all! Also? I did NOTHING, and suddenly I have "21st Century Insurance", shouldn't I have to switch myself? Or do something? So, now I have "21st Century Insurance"!!!

Here's a few questions:

1. Does AIG Auto Insurance still exist?
2. How long did 21st Century Auto Insurance exist?
3. If AIG Auto Insurance still exists, why did they switch me without asking to 21st Century?
4. Was AIG Auto Insurance getting bailout money? (21st Century says they aren't, but was AIG?)
5. How can a company switch its customers to another company without asking them?
6. Are the rates the same for all the customers?
7. Is this legal?

Here's their website. I don't see anything about their history, do you? How long have they existed? In the below letter, they thank me for my "continued loyalty and support". What continued loyalty and support??? Isn't this how the financial mess started? Selling things behind the scenes like mortgages??? Without asking or telling anyone???

Anthony J DeSantis
President and CEO
March 27, 2009

Dear 21st Century Insurance Policyholders:

On behalf of all the employees of 21st Century Insurance and Financial Services (21st Century Insurance), I first want to thank you for your continued loyalty and support during these challenging times.

I would like to take a moment to address some items that have undoubtedly created a level of uneasiness and frustration for many of our customers. Because of the tremendous support and cooperation from the United States government and its taxpayers, our parent company, AIG, has been able to continue its operations as a world-class provider of insurance services. However, with this support comes a high-level of attention to all of AIG's activities.

It is important to clarify that although the insurance companies affiliated with the 21st Century Insurance brand are subsidiaries of AIG, they have not accessed or needed any of the Federal Reserve borrowings to fund their operations. Nor have they received any capital contribution from any AIG company to support their operations. 21st Century Insurance is an organization of 6,500 employees whose mission is to deliver outstanding value and service for your auto insurance needs – a mission we are striving to achieve every day.

The insurance companies affiliated with 21st Century Insurance, which underwrite and provide coverage under your policies, are financially strong and continue to deliver outstanding coverage, service and payment of claims to all of our customers. The assets of the insurance companies are protected by state laws for the benefit of policyholders.

Additionally, AIG recently announced the formation of a general insurance holding company called AIU Holdings, Inc. This move will help enhance and protect the value of those property and casualty companies for all its stakeholders. The organization will include the Commercial Insurance Group, Foreign General unit, and other property and casualty groups. 21st Century Insurance will also be part of this new, separate organization.

We genuinely appreciate your business. At 21st Century Insurance, we are focused on putting you, the customer, first, and we look forward to providing you with the great coverage and award-winning service that you deserve.

Anthony J. DeSantis

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