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Big Dan's Big News March 31, 2009

Riddle me this, judge Ciavarella...

So, judge Ciavarella is playing word games. He tells 20/20 that he didn't "plead guilty to kids for cash." He is guilty of kids for cash, but didn't plead guilty to it. That's exactly what that means. He did not say that he didn't sentence kids for cash, he said he didn't plead guilty to it. We've seen these word games from lawyers from many cases, including this one. Like when they knew charges were going to be brought against them, they quickly put out the word in the media that they "were never charged with anything." Get it in the press before you're charged, then it's a true statement. After they were charged, of course, they never said: "NOW...we were charged with something." Do you see how these word games work? Like when Jill "Full Knowledge and Consent" Moran said individuals attempted, without Moran’s "FULL knowledge and consent", to use Moran to facilitate frauds. That means, according to logic and the English language, that they had her knowledge and consent...just not her FULL knowledge and consent. She should have said she didn't have "ANY knowledge and consent"!!! Not "FULL knowledge and consent". If you don't think every word out of these criminals' mouths and their lawyers mouths aren't carefully crafted...EVERY SINGLE WORD...then I have a wilderness camp to sell to you!!!

Riddle me this judge Ciavarella: if you didn't sentence kids for cash, why did Judge Grim clear the records and void the adjudications of hundreds of juveniles who appeared before you? That's a good question judge Ciavarella, isn't it? A question you weren't asked and one you won't answer!

Also, attorney Powell is accused of participating in $2.6 million in kickbacks to the corrupt judges pertaining to sending them to his juvie center. Powell claims the judges were extorting the money from him.

Riddle me this: if the judges were extorting money from Powell, why did he engage in other activites with them such as the W-CAT townhouse project and why did Powell dock his yacht "Reel Justice" at their condo of corruption in Florida? Does that sound like the actions of someone who was being extorted by them? I suppose when someone's extorting millions from you, you park your yacht at their condo and go into a townhouse deal with them! Something doesn't sound right, and someone is lying.

And why is judge Ciavarella flapping his mouth about everything on TV and in print...except Powell accusing him of extorting him?

Please stop insulting our intelligence, with these carefully worded phrases like: "FULL knowledge and consent", "didn't plead guilty to...", and "my client hasn't been charged with anything (YET!!!!)"!!!!!!!!!

NYTimes: Despite Red Flags About Judges, a Kickback Scheme Flourished

Dyller adds Luzerne County to kids for cash lawsuit


Multi-ga-jillionaire Rush Limbaugh: he loves you! He's up for the little guy! He doesn't speak for the billionaires who are ruining this country! (I'm being sarcastic, of course) He cares about you! When he says: "The rich pay too much in taxes", he means: "I PAY TOO MUCH IN TAXES"!!!

Summary: In a Los Angeles Times op-ed, Andrew Klavan claimed he's "never heard" Rush Limbaugh "utter a single racist, hateful or stupid word," and offered a "[c]hallenge" to "liberals" to "[l]isten to the show ... and keep an open mind." However, Media Matters listens to Limbaugh everyday and has documented numerous examples of him spewing offensive commentary and basic misstatements of fact.

Limbaugh challenged: In LA Times op-ed, Klavan claimed he's "never heard" Limbaugh "utter a single racist, hateful or stupid word"

Rush Windbag Wins "Unsexiest Man"

Rush Limbaugh wins 'unsexiest' man of the year award

Nearly 8 years after 9/11, Rush tells NY to 'drop dead'

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Pictured below: Extremely rich AM Radio entertainer Rush Limbaugh w/head of RNC

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