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Big Dan's Big News March 14, 2009

Special Commentary by Big Dan: "OK, so I get two papers a day - the Citizen's Voice and the Times Leader. They come wrapped in a rubber band and stuffed inside a plastic bag. So, every day - two rubber bands and two plastic bags. So, let's see, that's 14 rubber bands and 14 plastic bags per week, 60 rubber bands and 60 plastic bags per month, 728 rubber bands and 728 plastic bags per year. And that's just ME, one person! Multiply those by thousands and thousands for all the customers. The rubber bands are double-wrapped so tight, I can't get them off. If I push them down the paper, they get caught and rip the paper. If I try to get my fingers under them, they break and snap in my face. They're actually geniuses getting them on that tight. Often, I cut them with a knife or a pair of scissors...and then they definitely snap in my face. My wife works at a townhouse complex, and she said they have to go around picking up the rubber bands all the time from the newspapers. Is this going to be like the McDonald's styrofoam boxes and they'll wait until it's at crisis proportions and we can't get to work in the morning because we're swimming in rubber bands and plastic bags??? When I was a kid, the local paper boy Yay-Yay (his brothers were Fig and Yogi) used to somehow wrap the papers into a tight tube tucked into itself. That's a lost art. He used to try and show me how to do it, but I could never do it. No rubber bands, no plastic bags. He could do this in 1 second flat. I suppose nowadays, though, Yay-Yay would get ink poisoning. Who knows? Maybe he's dead now from ink poisoning and I don't know it! When Yay-Yay was delivering papers and used to get to my house, I used to stop him and play one-on-one basketball with him in my yard. After a while, all the neighbors who didn't get their paper yet used to get really angry at us and come over and say, 'Stop playing basketball and deliver our GODDAM paper!'"


The controlled propaganda mainstream media ignoring HUGE important stories again...the only way I differ from those who also claim the media is ignoring these stories, is I say it's on purpose - NOT because they stink! Cheney running an assassination ring should be all over the news! I'm not referring to places like Keith Olbermann, I'm talking about ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and FOX! The same way the Republicans and Democrats want you to think there's huge differences between them, ANBCBSNNX want you to think this, too. But they all have the same stories, same commercial breaks, etc...out of hundreds if not thousands of stories per day, they all have the same exact stories...with maybe a little twist of difference to make you think there's a big difference - you know, just like the Republicans and Democrats!


Cheney's assassination ring.

Lawyer seeks to prosecute Bush for torture, bar him from Canada

Imagine If Foreign Troops Occupied the United States

This is an excellent article below. I've been reading this 9/11 trial that's going on and thinking the SAME EXACT QUESTIONS as in this article! I couldn't have written it any better than this:

Can someone explain to me how 5 suspected members of Al Qaeda (although there is no question regarding KSM) suddenly got their own PR machine from inside Gitmo and at the hands of a military judge, not to mention getting a world stage through which to frighten Americans some more?

Okay, now someone explain the following to me:

1. How did 5 alleged Al Qaeda members come together to form this statement, given that they are being held each in isolation at Gitmo? Are they allowed to meet and discuss various topics, including their alleged joy at bombing the United States? Somehow I don't think so. We know that some of their own attorneys were not even aware of this filing or what it said. So was this done telepathically?

2. And how is it that this filing was accepted by the court when some of the attorneys for the 5 men were not even aware that such a thing was going to be filed?
We are being spoon-fed stupid again...


You wouldn't know it from the mainstream media (that isn't "liberal"), but the Republican's rising star Bobby Jindal performed an excorcism. I keep telling you that the media isn't liberal and the Republican Party now has a bunch of KOOKS running it, that aren't conservatives. Ron Paul is the only conservative. The truth is, the media isn't liberal OR conservative. It's "corporate". It actually slants towards the Republicans, who aren't conservative. Liberal media is a SHAM perpetuated by the Republican Party (not conservatives) and their financial operatives and their rightwing pundits like Rush Limbaugh. What if a Democrat performed an exorcism? You'd surely be reading about it in the newspapers. If you're a Republican, little "slip ups" like performing an exorcism aren't worth a mention in the "liberal" media.

Here's KOOK Bobby Jindal's own account of the exorcism:

BEATING A DEMON - Physical Dimensions of Spiritual Warfare, December 1994, By Bobby Jindal

They hurt our country more than "the terrorists"...

Axis of Weasels: The Men Who Ruined the Economy

The Coming Dollar Crash (Don’t Believe Their Lies)

Is MSNBC censoring mentions of Stewart/Cramer conflict?

the FULL Cramer vs. Stewart episode

Stewart slams Cramer with Apple video

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