Thursday, August 28, 2008

Big Dan's Big News August 28, 2008

Experts Baffled!

Experts today are baffled as to why rightwing smearmeisters or FOX "news" didn't launch smear stories like Joe Biden's mother:

● Wrote his speech for him.
● Never told him to go back out and bloody someone's nose so he could walk down the street.
● Isn't Irish.
● Isn't an American.
● Never lived in Scranton.
● Has an invalid birth certificate.
● Isn't Biden's real mother.
● Isn't a woman.
● Hair is dyed gray.
● Attended Rev. Wright's Church
● Is a terrorist.
● Is connected to Rezko and/or Ayers.
● Sold yellowcake to Al Qaeda.


More DNC '08 speeches: Joe Biden & Bill Clinton:


Denver riot police at the DNC convention...WITH NO IDENTIFICATION! THAT'S ILLEGAL!

As the Democrats celebrated inside the Pepsi Center on the opening day of the convention, outside on the streets police pepper-sprayed protesters and rounded up dozens of them in mass arrests near Civic Center Park.

Denver Police Arrest 91, Fire Pepper Spray & Pepper Balls at Protesters


Republican Jeff Wood:

“I’m fed up with the Republican Party,” said Wood. “I don’t think Ronald Reagan would recognize the party anymore. It seems the party has left me and a lot of others behind.”

Wood cited an abandonment of principles like limited government and fiscal responsibility as reasons for dissatisfaction with the party. He also cited some specific examples of the abandonment of principles on a national scale:

- Never committing troops without a defined mission and exit strategy;

- Excessive borrowing, endangering our kids’ future;

- Mandating a national ID card;

- Limiting rights to due process with the suspension of habeas corpus;

- The promotion of torture.

- Retroactive immunity for telecom corporations that eavesdrop on private conversations without a warrant or just cause.

“The party continues to try to prove Benjamin Franklin wrong by trying to buy security by sacrificing liberty,” Wood said.

Regarding the national ID card, Wood stated, “Ronald Reagan opposed that; he considered it fascism.”

Jeff Wood has declared his independence. The three-term 67th District Assemblyman from rural Chetek announced this morning that he is seeking a fourth term in November, but not under the banner of the Republican Party.

"I am not leaving the Republican Party as much as I believe the Republican Party left me," four-term Colorado state Rep. Debbie Stafford told the Associated Press. Jumping Ship: Citing social issues, local GOP officials are abandoning their party in droves

The Republicans have ZERO blacks in the entire federal House and Senate. But only the Republicans could find a black guy like this for Ohio secretary of state to oversee the corrupt 2004 Ohio election, a black woman like Condoleezza Rice, and a hispanic guy like Alberto Gonzales. How do they do it???

Ohio GOP illegally funneled $495,000 from federal account, top campaign finance official writes; Money went to support Blackwell gubernatorial bid, GOP spokesman says

RFK on the 2004 Ohio election & Blackwell:

Was the 2004 Election Stolen? Republicans prevented more than 350,000 voters in Ohio from casting ballots or having their votes counted -- enough to have put John Kerry in the White House.


Special commentary by Big Dan: "First, let me say I talk to a lot of people about politics and I don't know one person...ONE PERSON...who said they supported Hillary but now they will not vote for Obama (disgruntled Hillary supporters). I ONLY hear this in the media! Secondly, if there ARE people like this, then I say this to you: Hillary and Obama carry the flag for the SAME ISSUES and Obama won the primary. You FAKERS and WHINERS never cared about the ISSUES, you cared about HILLARY CLINTON! If you exist..."

Child psychology therapy for "disgruntled Hillary supporters":

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