Friday, August 29, 2008

Big Dan's Big News August 29, 2008

Breaking...Drilling Advocate McCain Taps Pro-Drilling Alaskan Beauty Pageant Queen, Palin
(ok, plunger thought of this!)

Don't let the studious glasses fool you...she's HOT and PRO-DRILLING!!! On the other hand, if she has a baby with Down's Syndrome, maybe she should be a good "family values party" Republican mom and take care of that child instead of being VP!!!"

McCain picks Alaska's governor for vice presidential slot; Update at bottom: Palin currently being investigated for abuse of office

Below: Sarah Palin circa 1984 Alaska beauty pageant, ready to take on the terrorists if McSenile croaks!!!!!! Al Qaeda, Iran, Ahmadinijhad, Kim Jong Il, etc... (she has a bachelors in journalism and was on the Wasilla city council population 5,500, she likes mooseburgers, can gut a salmon, and wishes for world peace...and the GOP's argument of Obama having no experience goes right out the window!!! Obama has a law degree from Harvard & Biden was on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and multi-term Senator):

So, all these years of the Exxon Valdez oil spill settlement going nowhere, something happens TWO DAYS before the governor of Alaska is picked as McCain's VP!!!!!!!!!!!

Google "Exxon Valdez 75%" and all these stories came out yesterday and the day before yesterday, right before McCain picked the governor of Alaska as his VP!!! Anyone think that's "fishy"???

August 27 Reuters article: Exxon agrees to pay out 75 percent of Valdez damages

Breaking...John McCain calls Sarah Palin a "cunt"...(just kidding, he called his wife a cunt...and a trollup, see videos below...)

Keeping "on-topic" with beauty pageant queens and pro-drilling and trollups, a fan sent me this new logo, and I'd like everyone to vote on it in the upper-right corner poll:


Anyone find it ironic? That Hurricane Gustav is touching down on the same day as the RNC convention? Can you say, "KATRINA"??? I think GOD is stepping in this time for this election!!! Today marks the anniversary of John McCain eating cake with George Bush on an airport runway, while people were drowning in Katrina!!!

Hurricane alert puts New Orleans on evacuation footing

John McCain eats birthday cake at airport with Bush, while people were dying in Katrina!


Human Trafficking ( SLAVERY/FREE LABOR), by a Cheney-connected company! Hard to believe! Just like the old days! Turn that clock back! The South has risen again!

American tax dollars and the wartime needs of the U.S. military are fueling an illicit pipeline of cheap foreign labor, mainly impoverished Asians who often are deceived, exploited and put in harm's way in Iraq with little protection. (bd: American tax dollars going towards SLAVERY!)

A Washington law firm filed a lawsuit yesterday against KBR, one of the largest U.S. contractors in Iraq, alleging that the company and its Jordanian subcontractor engaged in the human trafficking (bd: SLAVERY!) of Nepali workers.

Agnieszka Fryszman, a partner at Cohen, Milstein, Hausfeld & Toll, said 13 Nepali men, between the ages of 18 and 27, were recruited in Nepal to work as kitchen staff in hotels and restaurants in Amman, Jordan. But once the men arrived in Jordan, their passports were seized and they were told they were being sent to a military facility in Iraq, Fryszman said.

KBR, Partner in Iraq Contract Sued in Human Trafficking Case (bd: SLAVERY case)



PUMA: A media fabrication! Like I said, I personally don't know ONE person who supported Hillary who say they now won't vote for Obama. Not ONE! Oh, I hear them on the radio, see them on TV, and read about them in the newspapers! The media "infomercial" for PUMA's! So, where were these PUMA's at the DNC convention? Liars!!! What's the next media fabrication? Stay tuned!!!

"I told you there would be no floor fight. The Corporate Media said there would be. I told you Hillary would do the right thing the Corporate Media said they were writing a new nominating speech. I told you Roll Call would end when they got to NY the Corporate media said otherwise.

The pundits were either stupid or making this crap up. Either way they lose and AMERICANS WIN!!!. It was a great day!" (click link below for more...)

Where was the stampede of the endangered Colorado PUMA?

Clinton ally: Dems divided story was 'media created'

Salesman of the century, Ron Popeil, would be PROUD of the PUMA media fabrication! "Set it and forget it", right Ron?


Colbert on the economy: "The Repo Man"



A sneak preview of the opening song at the RNC!!! Can you guess my name??? "Sympathy for George Bush" (with the pre-Skeletor Keith Richards, and John Lennon in the audience)

(ok, Dredd thought of this...)

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