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Big Dan's Big News August 12, 2008

U.S. government/corporate/military controlled media: "Russia Invades Georgia"

Rest of world: "Georgia Invades South Osettia/kills Russian peacekeepers and South Ossetia civilians; Russia responds"

In our government/corporate controlled media, they're telling us "Russia invades Georgia"...but once again, after you take a closer look and do your own research, you find out the truth, like the anthrax bullshit they're telling us, too! It's a 24x7 job to keep ahead of the government/corporate/military industrial complex controlled media propaganda.

Here's what's happening:

Dec. 2003: Oil intrigue and US Realpolitik heighten tensions in the Caucasus. Georgia’s “rose revolution”: a made-in-America coup. By Barry Grey and Vladimir Volkov. 5 December 2003

"Georgia and the Pentagon cooperate closely."

July 15: ONE THOUSAND U.S. troops began a military training exercise in Georgia against a backdrop of growing friction between Georgia and neighboring Russia.

Exercise Sea Breeze 2008: Mission Complete. By Exercise Sea Breeze Public Affairs. Aug 3, 2008 - 11:57:15 AM

Here's what started it, GEORGIA started it!

During the night of August 7, coinciding with the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, Georgia's president Saakashvili ordered an all-out military attack on Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia.

"Fighters in black uniforms with American Flags on their arms were spotted in S. Osettia attacking civilians along side the Georgian forces. Two bodies discovered at the scene were of black soldiers, assumed to be American."

Georgia commits genocide in S. Ossetia. Georgia burns down church full of civilians.

The other day, I read "U.S. flying Georgia troops home from Iraq" and I thought, "Why the fuck are WE flying Georgian troops around?" After reading all of this, now it makes sense!!! The U.S. is not an "innocent bystander" in this thing, we instigated it! Possibly as a "test" to see how Russia would respond, because Russia said an attack on Iran would be considered an attack on Russia interests! Think about it: why isn't GEORGIA flying GEORGIAN troops out of Iraq???

US begins flying Georgian troops home from Iraq

"Innocent bystanders" U.S. government give $250,000 of YOUR tax $$$ to Georgia!!!

The United States has made available 250,000 dollars in aid for ally Georgia aimed at providing emergency supplies for thousands of people affected by the Georgia-Russia conflict, the State Department said Monday.

Democracy NOW!: Fighting Occurs One Month After US Military Exercise in Georgia

"Georgia is a close ally of the United States, which has been pushing for Georgia to join NATO. Over the weekend, the US military began airlifting 2,000 Georgian troops stationed in Iraq back home. Last month, 1,200 US troops took part in military exercises in Georgia. Both the US and Israel have helped arm Georgia’s military. Georgia also plays a pivotal role in the supply of oil from the Caspian region to the West as the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline runs through much of the country.

A war between Russia and the US-backed nation of Georgia over the breakaway regions of South Ossetia appears to be widening after four days of intense fighting. Russia estimates more than 2,000 people have been killed in South Ossetia, and the Red Cross said at least 40,000 have been forced to flee their homes. So far, the fighting centers on the autonomous region of South Ossetia, a section of Georgia that declared its autonomy in 1989. In March, South Ossetia asked the world to recognize its independence from Georgia following the West’s support for Kosovo’s secession from Serbia. On Friday, Georgian forces attacked South Ossetia’s capital Tskhinvali to retake the breakaway region. Ten Russian peacekeepers were killed when they were shelled by Georgian forces. In response, Russia launched an air, land and sea assault on Georgia. Georgia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Irakli Alasania, accused Russia of using indiscriminate force."

Putin criticized the United States for viewing Georgia as the victim instead of the aggressor, and for airlifting Georgian troops back home from Iraq on Sunday. "Of course, Saddam Hussein ought to have been hanged for destroying several Shiite villages," Putin said in Moscow. "And the incumbent Georgian leaders who razed ten Ossetian villages at once, who ran elderly people and children with tanks, who burned civilian alive in their sheds — these leaders must be taken under protection."

Did U.S., Israel Provocateur S. Ossetia Conflict? Does the Sun Come Up in the Morning?

War in Georgia: The Israeli connection. For past seven years, Israeli companies have been helping Gerogian army to preparer for war against Russia through arms deals, training of infantry units and security advice

Israel is hoping to maintain a low profile with regard to the war in Georgia, government officials told Haaretz. One source noted that currently, neither side of the conflict is pleased with Israel’s position, since Russia has been irked by Israeli-Georgian weapons deals for some time, and Tbilisi is now frustrated by Israel’s decision to halt arms exports.

"South Ossetia broke away from Georgian control in 1992. Russia granted passports to most of its residents and the region's separatist leaders sought to absorb the region into Russia. Georgia, whose troops have been trained by American soldiers, began an offensive to regain control over South Ossetia overnight Friday, launching heavy rocket and artillery fire and air strikes that pounded the regional capital Tskhinvali."

Zbigniew Brzezinski, the elder statesman who was national security advisor to President Jimmy Carter, on Georgia's offense against Russia, and Russia's counteroffensive:

"In brief, the stakes are very significant. At stake is access to oil as that resource grows ever more scarce and expensive and how a major power conducts itself in our newly interdepedent world, conduct that should be based on accommodation and consensus, not on brute force. If Georgia is subverted, not only will the West be cut off from the Caspian Sea and Central Asia. We can logically anticipate that Putin, if not resisted, will use the same tactics toward the Ukraine. Putin has already made public threats against Ukraine."

Today, Central Asian Oil is transported along two routes: north through Dagestan and Chechnya to Novorossisk, and a second route west to the Georgian port of Supsa.

McCain advisor was lobbyist for Georgia

Why is the "mainstream media" disinforming us about the Russia/Georgia conflict, the anthrax mailings, etc???

Adam Candeub, now a law professor at Michigan State University, said senior managers at the agency ordered that “every last piece” of the report be destroyed. “The whole project was just stopped - end of discussion,” he said. Candeub was a lawyer in the FCC’s Media Bureau at the time the report was written and communicated frequently with its authors, he said. “You can’t tell any more the difference between what’s propaganda and what’s news.”

An American man living in South Ossetia says U.S. and Georgian leaders are responsible for the violence that has killed 2,000 people in the region. Joe Mestas, who witnessed days of shelling, told RT that Washington will have to answer for the violence.

GET YOUR FACE OF MY TV, YOU SATAN!!! William "the bloody" Kristol, with one of his arrogant/elistist/filthy rich peoples smirk...a real "charmer".

I hate this guy! Neo-Con/Chickenhawk William Kristol, never elected by the American people to ANYTHING, yet has enormous influence over our elected government and is always on the government/corporate/military industrial complex controlled TV news, is on TV prompting us to go to war with Russia! FUCK YOU! WILLIAM KRISTOL!!!

Neocons Call For U.S. To Launch War With Russia

It’s touching how American neoconservatives who have no regard for international law when they want to invade some troublesome country have developed a sudden reverence for national sovereignty.


The Bush administration continues "The War On Veterans"

Connecticut secretary of state Susan Bysiewicz: "WHAT is the secretary of Veterans Affairs thinking? On May 5, the department led by James B. Peake issued a directive that bans nonpartisan voter registration drives at federally financed nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and shelters for homeless veterans. As a result, too many of our most patriotic American citizens — our injured and ill military veterans — may not be able to vote this November.

I have witnessed the enforcement of this policy. On June 30, I visited the Veterans Affairs Hospital in West Haven, Conn., to distribute information on the state’s new voting machines and to register veterans to vote. I was not allowed inside the hospital.

Outside on the sidewalk, I met Martin O’Nieal, a 92-year-old man who lost a leg while fighting the Nazis in the mountains of Northern Italy during the harsh winter of 1944. Mr. O’Nieal has been a resident of the hospital since 2007. He wanted to vote last year, but he told me that there was no information about how to register to vote at the hospital and the nurses could not answer his questions about how or where to cast a ballot.

I carry around hundreds of blank voter registration cards in the trunk of my car for just such occasions, so I was able to register Mr. O’Nieal in November. I also registered a few more veterans — whoever I could find outside on the hospital’s sidewalk........"

(click here to read more of this op-ed in the NYTimes)

Bush Veterans Affairs Department bans voter registration drives at veterans facilities.


Must See!

The Wrecking Crew: Thomas Frank on How Conservatives Rule

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