Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big Dan's Big News August 27, 2008

3 Great Speeches at the DNC '08:

● Kucinich: "Wake Up America"
● Casey: "McCain isn't a Maverick, he's Bush's Sidekick!"
● Hillary: "I support Barack Obama"


Big time, hard-hitting reporting by Democracy NOW!'s Jeremy Scahill, author of Blackwater. Scahill hound dog's the Dems at the DNC! At the end, he interviews Captain Morgan (yes, the drink) in a funny/not funny finale. Dennis Kucinich steals the show. The coverage you are not seeing on ANBCBSNNX...THIS IS A MUST-SEE!!! (stories by Jeremy Scahill/


Political prisoners in our own country! How Karl Rove used the Dept of Justice to jail Alabama governor Don Siegelman for political reasons. This is what our country has become under the criminals Bush/Cheney/Rove:

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