Saturday, August 9, 2008

Big Dan's Big News August 9, 2008

Well, here it is, folks! As if you needed more proof that the Bush administration FAKED us into war...

Tape: Top CIA official confesses order to forge Iraq-9/11 letter came on White House stationery. In damning transcript, ex-CIA official says Cheney likely ordered letter linking Hussein to 9/11 attacks.

The Transcript

The White House's statement "on behalf of" Richer before Suskind made the transcript they LIED in this statement!!!

New evidence suggests Ron Suskind is right. What was an Iraqi politician doing at CIA headquarters just days before he distributed a fake memo incriminating Saddam Hussein in 9/11?


Army Recruiter Suspended for Threatening High School Student with Jail Time, Sparks Bipartisan Call for Investigation

A story involving an Army recruiter in Texas last week has led to a bipartisan call for an investigation. The recruiter from the Greenspoint Recruiting Station in Houston was suspended after a recording of his threats aired on a local TV station. The recruiter, Sgt. Glenn Marquette, warned eighteen-year-old Irving Gonzalez that he would be sent to jail if he decided to go to college instead of joining the military, even though Gonzalez had signed a non-binding contract that left him free to change his mind before basic training. We play the recording of their conversation, and we speak with two of the teenage Army recruits involved. We also question a spokesman for the US Military Recruiting Command and speak with a Texas Congressman who is calling for an investigation.

Army Recruiter threatens student with Jail

Massive US Naval Armada Heads For Iran. Operation Brimstone ended only one week ago. This was the joint US/UK/French naval war games in the Atlantic Ocean preparing for a naval blockade of Iran and the likely resulting war in the Persian Gulf area. The massive war games included a US Navy supercarrier battle group, an US Navy expeditionary carrier battle group, a Royal Navy carrier battle group, a French nuclear hunter-killer submarine plus a large number of US Navy cruisers, destroyers and frigates playing the "enemy force".

Cycorp & the Anthrax Prediction

Olympics in China open with Fu Kiu grabbing the gold in "putting lead in things".

The Olympic committee rushed an approval for a new event in the Olympics for China: "Putting Lead In Things." This deal was brokered by the Chinese government in exchange for letting American corporations run roughshod in China to vie for "unlabelled consumers" in this untapped market.

Fu Kiu escaped to his homeland before the Olympics started, after posing as a U.S. congressman, casting the lone dissenting vote in a 242-1 vote by congress to ban lead toys.

Before Fu Kiu posed as a U.S. congressman, he was indicted for being the "Chinese guy who keeps putting lead in everything".

With all this experience in putting lead in things, Fu Kiu was the odds-on favorite to win the new Olympic event "putting lead in things." He won it by putting lead in everyone's drink at the Olympics stadium, and putting lead in the cups that held the drinks, and putting lead in all the Olympic medals.
As Olympics begin, Russia has launched a full-scale military invasion of Georgia, President Mikhail Saakashvili said during a brief news conference Saturday afternoon.

Georgia declares state of war with Russia

Russian FM says 1,500 killed in South Ossetia

...and Georgia's always on ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-mind!!!

The FBI has begun an investigation into the actions of police officers who raided the home of a Maryland mayor, killing his dogs and tying up his family, The Washington Post reported Friday.

FBI to probe police actions in drug bust of innocent mayor

FBI to Review Raid That Killed Mayor's Dogs


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