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Big Dan's Big News August 20, 2008

Why is this on the British news and not on ours? Oh, yeah! Because our mainstream media is run by corporations, our government, and the military! They're not trying to inform us of important news! Where are the so-called "conservatives" on this one, who are against Big Government? I'll never believe conservatives' bullshit again! They're hypocrites! They were always "all talk" and now we know they were never to be taken seriously! I expected the hugest outcry against what our government is doing from CONSERVATIVES! Boy, was I wrong! I think our government had something to do with 9/11, but even if they didn't, they used 9/11 to rip up the Constitution! 3,000 people died and they ripped up the Constitution because of it and keep trampling on our privacy and civil liberties because of it! Abiding by the Constitution comes into play exactly when we're at the most extreme toughest times! That's what it's for!

They're always pushing invading the privacy of law-abiding American citizens with these two reasons: to "save you from the terrorists" and/or to "make children safe", that's how they always sell Big Government trampling on our civil liberties! Wasn't 9/11 convenient for them!!!

Civil liberties: Outrage at New York police plan to track vehicles

BBC: Some residents 'furious' over NYC terror checks

And our government is doing it in Washington DC, too! Conservatives: Sit back and let Big Government save you from the terrorists!

License Plate Readers To Be Used In D.C. Area


Scientists: FBI destroyed Ivins' matching anthrax sample. Contrary to initial reports, Bruce Ivins did give investigators a sample of the anthrax the FBI has identified as the same type used in the attacks, but they destroyed it because it didn't meet their standards for evidence.

Glenn Greenwald: "What's so striking here is that, when it comes to garden-variety, relatively banal crimes that have some tawdry aspect, the establishment media will investigate them endlessly. The same Washington Post that has spent weeks mindlessly reciting Government claims about the anthrax attacks just completed a 12-part series on the Chandra Levy case, in which -- as the Post itself proudly announced -- its reporters "were assigned to produce an in-depth reconstruction of the case that would reexamine all avenues of the investigation".

Yet here is the first fatal biological terror attack on the U.S. in history -- one which, by our Government's own reckoning, came from a U.S. Government facility itself. Those attacks had an incalculable impact on our political climate. The list of possible suspects, with overwhelming motives to perpetrate the attack and ample opportunity to have done so, is long and high-powered. Both the public and private bio-research industry in the U.S., which was already quite substantial before 9/11 and exploded afterwards, is shrouded in almost total secrecy and operates with virtually no oversight, despite experimenting with the world's most dangerous pathogens and bioweapons, including anthrax. And much (though not all) of the establishment media is playing its now standard role of uncritically ingesting and trumpeting Government claims (even when -- especially when -- made in secret) and investigating nothing.


That's because The Post's role here has been and continues to be what the establishment media's role generally is --- to serve government sources and amplify their claims, not to investigate their veracity. That's how it was Saddam Hussein who was the original anthrax culprit, followed by Steven Hatfill, and now Bruce Ivins. It's how Jessica Lynch heroically fought off Iraqi goons in a firefight, how Pat Tillman stood down Al Qaeda monsters until they murdered him, how Iraq possessed mountains of WMDs, and now, how Russia has assaulted the consensus values of the Western World by invading a sovereign country and occupying parts of it for a whole week, etc. etc. All of those narratives came from the Government directly into the pages of The Washington Post, which then uncritically conveyed them, often (as in the case of the Jessica Lynch lies and WMD claims) playing a leading role in doing so."

Doubts over the anthrax case intensify -- except among much of the media

AP: 'You Can't Prove Aliens Didn't Mail Anthrax Letters'. Salon's Glenn Greenwald Joins Us in Being Tarred as 'Conspiracy Theorists' While WaPo and AP Continue to Uncritically Advance the Government's Often Wholly-Imaginery Anthrax Case...(Brad Blog)


Special commentary by Big Dan to righwing neo-con pundits like Limbaugh, Hannity, and Coulter, and Republicans:

"You either have to stop saying Reagan won the Cold War or stop saying Russia is an agressive power and we have to stop them. Those statements contradict each other! But, this is a boon for James Bond movies, I used to love those Russian women spy's accents...I missed that!"


There's 2 short RFID videos below. In the first one, watch how they're going to market RFID chips. First of all, take notice how when they market something to control people, they say: "safety reasons", "health reasons", "childrens' safety", "stop the terrorists". Watch how the chief medical officer of VeriChip stutters when he says he's "unaware" of experiments proving RFID chips cause cancerous tumors to grow around implanted chips. Watch "the idiot" fireman getting chipped, then he's happy it fell out later! Watch all the LIES this news channel uncovers during their investigation!

The 2nd video is a short video on RFID chips by THE expert, Dr. Katherine Albrecht.

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