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HAARP Weather Modification

Can man cause earthquakes which in turn would cause a tsunami? Yes, it's called "HAARP". Would the psychopaths ruling the world use it for nefarious purposes? I think we all know the answer to that.


Explosion, Radiation Leaks from Japan's Quake-Hit Nuclear Plant

Japan wasn't playing ball with the New World Order.

(note: many of these comments were by plunger, frequent observer and commenter on BDBB, he's better than the "news" on TV)

As David Rockefeller approaches the end of his life expectancy, is there a list of "accomplishments" he'd like to witness before he dies? Are we witnessing his list being played out in real time, every day?

With Japan effectively removed from the global economy, now what?

HAARP was an idea that the great inventor NIKOLA TESLA had for the world to provide free energy (world wide)

Of course, the planned stopped as soon as the providers heard of this and sold all plans.

If Teslas inventions were not stopped we would be 100 years into the future, but time stopped for us.

And yes, HAARP is very, VERY real folks. It is not some kind of BS that people make up. It can change the weather of the world, it can create "natural" disasters...

It's a doomsday device.

japan 8.9 EARTHQUAKE bY haarp ?? MAJOR earthquake tsunami usa next! new madrid faultline!

Wasn't it particularly convenient that not one, but two or three helicopters were airborne with camera operators to capture the actual tidal wave as it approached shore AND to hover directly above the wall of water, capturing perfect apocalyptic images to broadcast worldwide?

Who were the pilots and the camera operators? Were these normal news helicopters that just happened to be up in the air to capture this? What are the names of the cameramen? The pilots? Who did they work for?

If this had occurred near a major city, I would expect three news choppers to be up immediately to capture those scenes. The area does not look to be all that urban to me.

Just askin' the obvious questions.

Who shot the footage?

VIDEO: Japan hit by tsunami after massive earthquake

Quake in New Zealand tied to HAARP / FEMA / Thad Allen?

Russian Report: U.S. weapon against Iran caused Haiti earthquake

Marine Bases Japan spared by earthquake

All U.S. military in Japan located after quake

Are we going to be told the entire truth about the nuke plant explosion?

Red Alert: Nuclear Meltdown at Quake-Damaged Japanese Plant

Japan's Chernobyl? Radiation pressure fears at Fukushima plant

PICTURES: Fires light up Japanese night after mega-quake and huge tsunami which wiped out towns, killed over 1,000 and cut power to millions

Mainichi photographer describes devastation of massive Japan quake

The real death toll is evident in this blog

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: "HAARP" (FULL LENGTH)

Here's what the Tsunami is conveniently keeping out of the "news":

Walkouts, Bank Boycotts and Recalls: Wisconsin Protests Intensify as Union-Busting Legislation Pushed through State Assembly

A friend of mine, Doug, right in the middle of the action in Wisconsin says to me:

Another item of note is that Walker separated the union busting from the budget bill claiming it didnt fall under the budget even though he origonally claimed it did. After passing it he rescinds the layoff of 1500 state employees even though once again it had nothing now to do with the budget and Ive learn that the language in the origonal bill allowing him to sell our state owned power plants of which threre are 37 I believe was added to this bill they rammed through. Well low and behold the Koch brothers have gas lines near these power plants and rumor has it they are looking to hire power plant managers for the state of WI. I havent verified this, just what Ive heard.

IRS Liens and Levys: IRS-The Biggest Lie and Scam in World History

Watch this video, I've posted it often. After reading the above about the IRS, watch carefully in this video when Aaron Russo says the Rockefeller's started the women's movement not for women's rights, but to double the amount of workers in the United States so "THEY" could have more money. "THEY"...get it? IRS=ROCKEFELLER'S:

NM Rothschild & Sons Are Moving In For The Kill! Witness Their Work All Over The Globe! RIGHT NOW!!!

Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve

Head of the Whistleblowing Airline Employees Association Goes Missing

Not Guilty. The Israeli Captain who Emptied his Rifle into a Palestinian Schoolgirl

Rep. Peter King: Terrorism hawk or witch hunter?

Everyone seems to forget: this PETER KING asshole is the SAME GUY who admitted to Bush's stolen election (see video below). He also endorsed the IRA's terrorism in Ireland while going on a present day witch hunt of "muslim terrorists". This guy IS a terrorist in every sense of the word:

Peter King "We'll take care of the counting."

Mother of 9/11 Victim Condemns Peter King Hearing on Muslim "Radicalization"

New Rule: Television Networks Have to Quit Trying to Put a Happy Ending on America's Wealth Disparity

Raw Video: Mystery Missile Appears over Southern California. Helicopter CAM "no audio" Notice that SOMEBODY removed the interview with the cameraman from youtube. Here's what he said: The KCBS helicopter cameraman who captured the footage of the "mystery missile" launch offered more details about the dramatic video he shot Monday evening. Pentagon officials said they continue to look into what they have called an "unexplained contrail." Each branch of the military has denied involvement. Cameraman Gil Leyvas shot video of a luminous point hurtling through the sky followed by a long vapor trail. He said he was aboard the television station's helicopter shooting footage of the sunset over the ocean about 5:15 p.m when he noticed the spiral-shaped vapor trail and zoomed in to get a better look. The onboard camera showed a plume twisting up from the horizon and narrowing as it climbed into the sky near Catalina Island, about 35 miles west of Los Angeles, he said. "Whatever it was, it was spinning up into the sky kind of like a spiral," and was easy to distinguish from condensation trails from jets, he said. "It was quite a sight to see. It was spectacular." Here's the raw video from the Chinese missile launch Emergency Broadcast - Revolution Imminent - Europe Big Dan's Big 9/11 LINKS: Do your OWN research, because the mainstream media was in on it, you won't find help there!
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