Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Big Dan's Big News March 2, 2011

This should be a national story: how our country has become un-American, un-Patriotic, unethical, and un-Christian - while the formerly liberal media which has been bought out by the wealthy who are destroying the middle class Americans say the opposite and lead the attacks for their wealthy handlers against the middle class and how we are becoming a 3rd world country of a few "haves" and 99% "have nots" and a Financial Dictatorship run by bought-out corporate stooges who do what they say:

The only civilized nation NOT to cover all of its citizens with health care...but always have enough money for wars: over 50% of our taxes go to wars. The ONLY civilized country becoming a 3rd world country of a few wealthy families and throwing poor people off of affordable low income health care to join the ranks of the other tens-of-millions of uninsured Americans.

While we're spending $2.5 BILLION a week on the "wars" in Iraq & Afghanistan and sending BILLIONS in aid to foreign countries so the U.S. government can "influence" them, THOUSANDS middle class and poor Americans in Pennsylvania are thrown off affordable Adult Basic Health Care program:

Wilkes-Barre Citizens Voice: Thousands of low income Pennsylvanians thrown off Adult Basic Health Care Plan.

...but today in the "news" today, I heard it on the "news" briefs (I believe they are ABC "news" briefs), we have as the top stories: Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen's dad, Christine Aguilera, & Mickey Rooney:

Above: top "news" stories from left to right - Charlie Sheen, Christina Aguilera, Mickey Rooney (he's still alive???), and Charlie Sheen's dad.

This was on the ABC "news briefs" on the top of the hour on our local "news" radio station:

Mickey Rooney tells Senate panel he was a victim of elder abuse

VIDEO: Martin Sheen Likens Charlie's Addiction To 'A Form Of Cancer'

Christina Aguilera Will Judge on ‘The Voice’

Don't wanna be an American Idiot:

...and all the while hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of Americans across the nation in pro-labor protests over the weekend were NOT covered by the "news" (the so-called "liberal media" owned by corporations who aren't liberal; when the Tea Party FARTS, it's on all the networks):

Charlie Sheen says:

Media Blackout: CNN Fox News and MSNBC Ignore 100,000 WI Protesters

Christina Aguilera says:

Corporate press doesn't cover hundreds of thousands of protesters over the weekend:

Mickey Rooney says:

Workers Defend Their Rights in Wisconsin & Ohio

Charlie Sheen's dad says:

Congressman Dennis Kucinich - Huge Labor Rally in Ohio

American Idol says:

Labor rallies extend to Ohio:

Peyton Manning says:

American Workers No Longer Needed – Bye Bye to Job and All Security!

Brittany Spears says:

Poll: Americans Support Unions In Wisconsin, Not Scott Walker

Hanna Montana says:

From the trenches: Billionaire rightwing $$$ coming in from out of state to fight Wisconsin union workers:

Alex Rodriguez says:

the WEALTHY have convinced the middle class and poor that they have their best interests -

Brett Favre says:

the WEALTHY have stolen our jobs and sent them overseas:

Shrek says:

Koch Brothers' Fascism On The Move

Lyndsay Lohan says:

Now when FOX "news" DOES cover it, they LIE about it:

Shocker: FOX "news" appears to have lied about their reporter being "punched" -

Fox News reporter appears to have lied about being ‘punched’ by protester

Space aliens say:

FOX Uses Out-of-Town Footage To Depict Out-of-Control Union Violence

Justin Bieber says:

Wisconsin Struggle Goes National

Kobe Bryant says:

1984 NewSpeak: GOP Boehner says "neutral isn't neutral" and net neutrality is against freedom.

Boehner: " to he dead???" Another senile, braindead old white guy taking orders from his wealthy handlers, screwing the middle class. Both of these guys, actually. It's just that McConnell looks like he died a while ago and no one told him yet, much like Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. Yes, these are actually people running our country, these two BOZO's.

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