Thursday, March 24, 2011

Big Dan's Big News March 24, 2011

Leaders from other countries help U.S. citizens...while OUR OWN governors cut the help for us:

Above left: GOP Gov Tom Corbett CUTS heating aid to U.S. citizens; above right: Hugo Chavez INCREASES FREE HEATING to U.S. citizens!

While Pennsylvania Republican governor Tom Corbett wants to CUT heating help for Pennsylvanians (while NOT taxing the gas drillers btw...the ONLY state not taxing gas drillers!), "evil leftist dictator" Hugo Chavez wants to increase FREE heating help to U.S. citizens!!! Who's the bad guy?

The "financial crisis" is over! We have billions & trillions to attack Libya! No more "austerity" on U.S. citizens by the U.S. government!

Peaceful "uncivilized" nation that provides health care for all its citizens attacked by "civilized" warmongering nation that has 55 million citizens not covered by health care and is in a "financial crisis" imposing "austerity" measures on its citizens.

Rep Markey: "We're in Libya because of oil" - watch @ 3:50 in this video:

BELOW: Does this sound familiar? It could apply to Libya...but David Icke is talking about Iraq...DO YOU GET IT YET?

...and WWI (that's world war ONE, not TWO): Col Smedley Butler says "WAR IS A RACKET" -


No Change between Bush/Obama, I have to laugh at you idiots who think Obama's a "socialist":

2 Bush Officials In Running To Be Next Head Of FBI

Top Bush-era GITMO and Abu Ghraib psychologist is WH's newest appointment

The following article is NOT about Libya, it's about the United States people not standing up to their evil leaders:

The Failure to Stand Up to Evil Leads to Insanity, Poverty and the Loss of All Our Rights

Occupy Washington to End the Wars

This story is about April Gallop:

Military officer’s 9/11 case against Bush officials to be heard April 5

...and she is featured here:


Ron Paul mocks conservatives who want to defund NPR, but want to continue the wars:

The McCain Plan - Homer Simpson Without The Donut - By Greg Palast

I guess it will be interesting to learn whether and to what extent VOA has an agenda relative to disclosures surrounding this event - as an international propaganda organ of the US Government. If Tokyo's water supply is already too contaminated for infants to drink (and likely adults too), how many days should one surmise it will take until that water supply is too contaminated for ALL to drink...and for how many centuries thereafter? Is there any logical reason to assume this is not a trend?

If the entire water supply of Tokyo becomes too toxic for human use, then what conclusions can we draw about the future evacuation of the entire island of Japan? How soon? To where? By what means? - plunger

Setbacks at Fukushima: Black Smoke, Evacuations, Dangerous Radioactive Iodine in Tokyo Tap Water

Japanese Nuclear Disaster Being Used To Justify The Elimination Of Nuclear Power To Ensure Supremacy Of Space Based Weapons

Israeli Security Firm in Charge at Japanese Nuke Facilities Prior to Disaster

New cybervirus found in Japan / Stuxnet designed to attack off-line servers via USB memory sticks

Setbacks at Fukushima: Black Smoke, Evacuations, Dangerous Radioactive Iodine in Tokyo Tap Water

Amory Lovins take on the nuclear mess

Things go better with KOCH: FALSE FLAG, you won't believe this -

An Indiana prosecutor and Republican activist has resigned after emails show he suggested Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker stage a fake attack on himself to discredit unions protesting his budget repair bill.

The Republican governor signed a bill on March 11 that eliminates most union rights for public employees.

Indiana prosecutor told Wisconsin governor to stage ‘false flag’ operation

Helen Thomas: Jews Own White House, Bibi: Palestinian Unity is End of Peace Process, and, Obama Lies About No US Ground Troops in Libya

9-11 - Fuck the Bullshit

"Manhattan Demolition" truck drives by guy filming on 9/11 @ 2:50 -

ZERO An Investigation Into 9/11 (FULL documentary)

WTC7, a 47 story building a block away from the Twin Towers, was NOT hit by a plane...but fell controlled demolition:

Murder of John Lennon... CIA involvement? Jesse Ventura

The Conspiracy to Assassinate John Lennon

Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood at the Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007, with Derek Trucks and Doyle Bramhall

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