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Big Dan's Big News Nov 8, 2009

The South Carolina "saying and doing stupid shit senatorial tag team" of Jim DeMint & Lindsey Graham:

Update: the OTHER South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham (the Droopy Dog red-nosed goober on the right who permanently looks like he had one-too-many) "hopes and prays the health care reform bill fails"...DID I CALL THAT, OR WHAT???

(all you have to do, is check every so often on the internet for stupid shit South Carolina politicians say...IT'S OFFICIAL: SOUTH CAROLINA EITHER HAS RIGGED ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES OR THEY'RE BATSHIT INSANE FOR ELECTING THESE GUYS ALL THE TIME!!! don't forget about Joe "you lie" Wilson and Mark "don't cry for me Argentina" Sanford!!!)

Shocker: a Republican from South Carolina voted against extending unemployment!

U.S. Senate finally passes unemployment extension bill

( passed 97-1; take a wild guess which party the guy was from who voted against it and which state he was from? I would guess: a Republican from South Carolina: party and home of Mark "Appalachian Trail in Argentina" Sanford, Joe "you lie" Wilson, and a host of other whackos...98 out of 100 voted, so my additional guess is that one senator was incapacitated and the other was the 2nd senator from South Carolina, or a senator from Georgia or Mississippi...I better look that one up, though...)

If anyone still doubts the teeny weeny Republican pup tent is now basically housing a mental ward for the criminally insane, you're not paying attention. Yesterday the teabaggers' chief spokesman in the U.S. Senate, radical right South Carolina secessionist Jim DeMint, made a spectacle out of himself twice-- before sundown. At noon Harry Reid decided it was time to shut down the mean-spirited Republican filibuster of H.R. 3548, the Unemployment Compensation Extension Act. Embarrassed by their own efforts to screw thousands of American workers left without a means to support themselves and feed their families, every single Republican but one bucked and voted for cloture. Even the worst hard core obstructionists who oppose everything-- like Vitter, Burr, Coburn, Inhofe and Sessions-- couldn't justify this outrageous, destructive behavior. Yes, and the one vote to oppose extending unemployment insurance belonged to Jim DeMint, who own state is one of the hardest hit by unemployment of any in the country.

Jim DeMint's Lonely Battle Against Unemployment Insurance And His Crusade To Further Shrink The GOP Pup Tent

NYTimes: True unemployment rate at least 17.5%

Why are we still taxing unemployment checks? First of all, this never made sense to me. Your pay already goes down with unemployment, and then they tax it to boot! Secondly, why not just decrease unemployment and get rid of taxing it? Wouldn't that have the same effect and get rid of the extra task of reporting it and paying tax on it and even possibly having to send a huge check to the government at tax time? You can either have zero taxes taken out of unemployment or 10% - BOTH f*ck up your taxes when you do them! Third: does it make any sense to get unemployment...and then they take some of it away? Only politicians would ever dream up something like that! Taxing unemployment occurred during the Reagan administration. They said it would "make unemployment less attractive", yes, that was the reason, look it up! Using that logic, it would REALLY make unemployment "less attractive" if they got rid of it! Right? Do you think our government ignored taxing unemployment all these years because the economy was so good, and now that unemployment is 20% they might take a look at revoking taxing unemployment checks? Do you know how many people have the good intention to "save" the tax on the side, and then they spend it for food, heat, etc...? And then can't pay the tax? Let's see: if I were saving the unemployment tax on the side, and I ran out of food and heat, what would I do: buy some food and heating oil or keep saving the unemployment tax on the side and die? Let me think a bit....I've come up with a solution: THROW THE PEOPLE IN JAIL WHO OWE TAX ON THEIR UNEMPLOYMENT!!!

Insane America: still taxing unemployment checks!!!

Gerald Celente-American Unemployment Rates Really 20% Plus. The REAL reason the media won't talk about: OUTSOURCING JOBS & WARS! Plus - Bernie Sanders & Max Keiser

Weiner: Every Generation There Are Moments That Make It Clear Why They're Republicans & We're Democrats

Unruly Republicans Disrupt Health Care Debate

Republicans shout down women! “I object, I object, I object, I object, I object” In an effort to delay and derail the proceedings, the Republicans continually talked over the Democratic women for half an hour:

Former Blue Cross Blue Shield ‘Spokesjerk’ Cuts Ad In Favor Of Health Reform

Jewish Organizations Condemn GOP For Standing By As Tea Party Protesters Waved ‘Vile’ Anti-Semitic Signs

The dimensions of the unfolding disaster in Afghanistan are becoming bigger and more daunting by the day.

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Preview: The Good Soldier | PBS

Special Preview: On November 6, 2009, the JOURNAL broadcasts THE GOOD SOLDIER, a film which follows four veterans — one from World War II, two from Vietnam, and the fourth from Iraq — as they reveal how the experiences of battle changed their lives. Bill Moyers Journal airs Friday nights at 9 pm on PBS.

Interview - Mike Hoffman - Iraq Veterans Against the War

Witness - Ramallah TV - Palestinians tell their OWN story

Al-Quds Educational Television is a small, public service, non-profit channel based in Ramallah, which gives Palestinians the chance to show their own stories, to their own communities. It is under constant threat of financial ruin, Israeli repression and falling foul of the Palestinain factions it criticises. This film meets some of the characters both on and behind the screens at the station, and explores the stories they want to tell the world about life in the West Bank.

"USA vs Al-Arian" is an intimate family portrait that documents the American-Muslim family Al-Arian's desperate attempt to fight terrorism charges leveled by the United States government. In February 2003, university professor and pro-Palestinian civil rights activist Sami Al-Arian was arrested in Tampa, Florida, charged with providing material support to a terror organization. For two-and-a-half years he was held in solitary confinement, denied basic privileges and given limited access to his attorneys. Following Sami Al-Arian's wife Nahla and their five children throughout his six-month-long trial, "USA vs Al-Arian" raises questions about whether it is possible for a man like Sami Al-Arian to receive a fair trial in the United States given the current hostile environment against Muslims and the strong U.S. support of Israel.

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