Saturday, November 7, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Nov 7, 2009

All over the news, they broadcast the Fort Hood shooter's religion, but not the religion of the Orlando shooter. Why is this? It's because the Fort Hood shooter was Muslim and the Orlando shooter was not. No one can argue this. So, why does the media have a proven track record of only broadcasting a shooter's religion only if it's Muslim? You're witnessing this yourself right now, and this cannot be argued. What's the religion of the Orlando shooter? Why won't Fox News confirm whether Orlando shooter is Christian? What's the religion of Dr. Tiller's shooter? What's the religion of Jim David Adkisson who shot "liberals" at a Knoxville, TN Unitarian Church in July of 2008? Here's a headline you won't be seeing soon: "Christian opens fire on people in Orlando" or "Jew opens fire on people in Orlando". If it's a Muslim, that is the only time you will hear a person's religion in the headline. Why are we conditioned by the media to be "OK" with a headline: "Muslim opens fire at Fort Hood"? Would you find this headline offensive: "Jew Paul Wolfowitz architected the Iraq War in which we're hemorrhaging $3 billion tax dollars a week and people are dying daily"?

Fort Hood and Accountability...

WND falsely claimed alleged Fort Hood shooter "advised Obama transition"

Right-wing media respond to Fort Hood shooting by attacking American Muslims

Gee! Where is all the anti-Muslim hatred in the media coming from, General Casey?

U.S. General Casey Warns Against Anti-Muslim Backlash: ‘It Would Be A Shame If Our Diversity Became A Casualty’

Media doesn't mention the shooter trained and advanced during the Bush years, but they falsely mention he "advised Obama transition". Nor does the media point out that it may simply be a military mutiny of someone fed up with the endless wars of lies:

Mass Shooting Indicates Breakdown of Military

Suicide Toll Fuels Worry That Army Is Strained

Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo walks off the Ed Show while discussing health care. He was actually being challenged by someone because he wasn't on FOX "news"...this is what happens when they're not on FOX "news":

FOX "news": a 24x7 political operation

Fox Falsely Claims "House Call" Protest Was "Spontaneous"

Would a news channel promote a certain candidate? It's not reporting news, if you're actively promoting something. Here's a montage of a supposed news channel shamelessly promoting a certain candidate...the candidate lost. Then, after off-the-charts promotion of this candidate, when he loses, FOX "news" says it was an "obscure" race:

Ex-Blue Cross spokesman says health insurance ‘worst product in American history’

Jon Stewart parodies Glenn Beck:

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"La Paloma" is the most played song in the world. In Zanzibar they play it at the end of weddings, in Romania at the end of funerals, in Mexico it is the hymn of demonstrators against newly elected president, in Germany it is known as a sailor’s song from the North Sea. This film is a journey on the wings of La Paloma. What is the song’s secret? Why does it touch people of every color and creed?

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