Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Nov 3, 2009

Rush Limbaugh: "You should see this guy I have on my show today!!!"

Monday, and probably all this week, Rush Limbaugh dedicated his show to a special guest. All day, he kept playing clips of this guest and quoting him. "Play this clip". "Play this clip". Rush Limbaugh was mightily impressed by this guy! Who was the guy? It was Rush Limbaugh! He kept playing clips of himself from a recent extensive interview he had on FOX "news". Rush Limbaugh became the first media personality to have himself on as a guest! Could you imagine Michael Moore playing clips of himself, and saying: "Listen to this guy! He's a genius! Play this clip! Wow! This guy is good! He's right about everything! I agree with everything he says! It's incredible!" If someone else did this, they'd be an embarrassing  laughingstock. WHOOPS! He already is an embarrassing laughingstock! Rush Limbaugh's show has now turned into Rush Limbaugh masturbating.

Rush Limbaugh would never torture Punkin or Mark Levin's dog! Flashback: Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin have a cry-fest over torturing animals...but are "OK" with torturing humans...

BDBB Flashback - Saturday, November 17, 2007: Rush Limbaugh Cares About Torturing Dogs...But Not Humans!

I think it goes without saying, a lot of the things I'm trying to put on this blog are things the corporate owned media (the so-called "liberal" media) are purposely keeping from you to keep the status quo, which means to keep our government (both parties), the extreme wealthy minority, and the military industrial complex doing what they want with our government, and not what the vast majority of Americans want. And ruining what America always stood for: a beacon of liberty and justice for all. The most shining example in the world. A nation that doesn't torture people. This statement is NOT true, and is repeated over and over and over by the rulers in America from administration to administration: "AMERICA DOES NOT TORTURE" - NOT TRUE!!! You might not like it, you might not want to think about it. You let the devil trick you into thinking torture and killing was "OK". They convinced you and you willingly accepted and rationalized it.

Justice Denied: Voices from Guantanamo

You won't see this on Brian Williams: U.S. role in cover-up of Afghan mass grave. On GRITtv and Free Speech TV.

Don Ritter - War profiteer flying around under the radar.

As the bodies in Afghanistan are piling up and the number of wounded keeps escalating, while Washington is buzzing with the long-known but selectively-buried corrupt and criminal past and present of our installed government officials there, some are cashing in on both sides, and some are paving the way to the next pot(s) of gold reserved for carpetbaggers and war-profiteers in every war or conflict. In this game there are always a few known names and faces who are publicized and who draw the spotlight, and there are those who enjoy operating and profiting quietly without drawing deserved attention and needed scrutiny. Don Ritter, former Republican Congressman from Pennsylvania from 1979 until 1992, is one of them - let’s look at what he’s been busy with since he left the Congress in 1992..

Senator Vitter, who is somehow still a senator after being admittedly caught with a prostitute, is confronted by a woman because Vitter was 1 of 30 Republicans who voted against an amendment for the government to stop dealing with companies that make employees sign a statement saying they won't sue if they're raped by someone in the company:

Chase Utley of the Phillies ties Reggie Jackson for most home runs ever in a World Series, and it's only game 5!

Daily Show: Philadelphia fans vs. New York fans

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