Sunday, November 15, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Nov 15, 2009

Pro-Lifers/teabaggers/Republicans NOT protesting this...they're protesting health care and the muppets...

Conservative Breitbart (on right) upset at Oscar the Grouch (above)...but not birth defects in Fallujah...

Huge rise in birth defects in Falluja. Iraqi former battle zone sees abnormal clusters of infant tumours and deformities.

'My baby was blind. She couldn't eat or speak. I mourn for her' – families' heartache over Falluja birth defects

Disturbing Pictures.


The Fonz says: "Aaaayyyyy....the church is way cooooooool!!!

Catholic Church threatens to withhold aiding the poor, if they don't get their way with DC lawmakers.

Keith Olbermann: Teabaggers, Health Reform & FOX News

Anatomy of Casino Capitalism

Much of what was initially reported about the mass murder at an Army post turns out to have been inaccurate

The media's silly Fort Hood coverage

Tarpley: Is Hasan a patsy to create Islamophobes to keep the waning wars going? Why did all the first reports say there were several shooters? Why did all the witnesses say they thought it was a drill at first? They have drills where there's mass shootings at Fort Hood? Hasan is still alive...did HE think it was a drill, too? And he's a patsy? Is it hard to believe that a nutty Muslim got this high in the military and no one knew it? Muslim terrorists work in groups, why did this guy act alone? (supposedly) Hasan shot 100 rounds? With a pistol? In a military base with people with guns all around? And initial accounts said (and we all heard this in the first reports) there were multiple shooters? What happened to those stories? I even remember one story that said other individuals were detained. Now you KNOW you heard that, I did!

The great rocker Steve Marriott (Small Faces/Humble Pie) does the Beatles "Slow Down" and the Rolling Stones "Get Off My Cloud" with legendary blues man Alex Korner:

Say Bye Bye to Guerrilla News Network:

click here --->>>

Breaking...when you go on the popular site "Guerrilla News Network", you get the Orwellian message: "Closed To Public". And their youtube account has been suspended.

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