Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Nov 4, 2009

ISRAELI SOLDIER MICHA KURZ: I came to the army fairly patriotic and enthusiastic about serving my country. And what I ended up doing, it turned out, was protecting Palestinians from the (Israeli) settlers more than vice versa.

Israeli Activists Criticize US House for Considering Resolution Condemning Goldstone Report on Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

Israeli groups against their Zionist government's crimes against the Palestinians:

The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions

Grassroots Jerusalem

Breaking The Silence

J Street (Jewish lobby to counteract the Zionist warmongering AIPAC)

Video from new pro-Israel, pro-peace organization J Street's national conference in Washington, DC October 25-28, 2009. The position of the mainstream Israel lobby, AIPAC, conflicts with the views and interests of many American Jews. Video two is: "Why we need a liberal Israeli lobby" to counteract AIPAC.

The Green Mile: Selling the justice system - Innocent until proven profitable. Arizona corporatizing(privatizing) their prisons. The only thing standing in the way of corporate prison profits will be the government. So, let's corporatize(privatize) that, too!

Steven Colbert rips local NEPA "Kids For Cash" judge Ciavarella on "The Word":

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Let's get going to Breckenridge, Colorado! They just legalized pot there! They're expecting their tax base to rise by ONE MILLION PERCENT!!!

73% Landslide - Breckenridge, Colorado voters legalize marijuana, paraphernalia

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

In honor of the election: Alice Cooper - Elected

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