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Big Dan's Big News Nov 12, 2009

I quit!!!

Lou Dobbs quits CNN.

Years ago, I used to like Lou Dobbs. He was the only one reporting on electronic voting machines, outsourcing America, and the shrinking of the middle class. To me, he seems to have gone off the deep end lately, especially with the birther thing. I don't know if he's getting senile or what, but to me he's not the same guy anymore and he probably shouldn't be on CNN. But, I have to say, on certain issues there was no one better. Overall, I liked him, but lately he's going off the deep end on certain crazy issues. Now, if he shows up on FOX "news", I'll have to totally revise what I think of him.

Patriot Guard Riders

The antigay Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., routinely disrupts military funerals, holding bright-colored signs that read "God Hates Fags" and "God Hates America." The presence of the Patriot Guard, however, seems to deter such intrusions.

'Patriot Guard' protects military funerals from antigay protests

Everyone needs to listen to this!!! Winter Soldier Day 3: Racism and War: Dehumanization of the Enemy Part I, young Iraq War vets testify, corporate-owned media NEVER covers it, Iraq Veterans Against the War - IVAW

March 15, 2008, Dedicated entirely to veteran testimony, this panel covered mishandling and mutilation of the dead, torture, abuse and derogatory treatment of civilians: Scott Ewing was an Army scout in Tel Afar from 2005 to 2006. He describes how treatment of civilians became progressively more brutal; Jeffery Smith’s unit provided base security for a large American base in Iraq. He testifies to routine degrading treatment of Iraqis. including those who worked at the base for a dollar a day, often in extreme heat and dust.

Please stop pointing out our doctored "news" videos...

FOX "news" history of doctoring videos and photos.

Hannity/FOX "news" apologize to Jon Stewart, who snagged them on their most recent doctored video; FOX "news" announces they will preemptively apologize for doctored videos with this disclaimer: ""We apologize in advance, for this doctored video we are about to show you...we're not really a news channel..." Hannity tries to save face and be "cute" by saying to Stewart: "Thanks for watching"...what he really meant, was: "PLEASE...FOR THE LOVE OF GOD... stop pointing out our doctored videos!" Sean: Someone has to watch FOX "news" to point out the doctored videos!!!

Breaking...Sean Hannity's video of him apologizing for doctoring "news" videos...WAS DOCTORED!!! (just kidding)

Jon Stewart/The Daily Show celebrate how the "best f*cking news team on the planet looked 20 years ago during the fall of the Berlin Wall, and how there's no parallels between the fall of the Soviet Union and the present United States:
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Republican candidates won gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia on Tuesday; meanwhile, Democratic candidates won two special elections for the U.S. House of Representatives in New York and California. But it was very clear which set of elections corporate media (the so-called "liberal media") wanted to portray as sending an important message about national politics--that voters were discontented with the White House and wanted Democrats to move to the right.

Failing the Midterms - Press overplays election results

Fox News is not the same kind of animal as either CNN or MSNBC

The controlled demolition of WTC-7.

Larry Silverstein, the owner who just bought the World Trade Center complex, says: "They made the decision to...'PULL IT'....."THEY MADE THE DECISION", think about that statement..."PULL IT" is a demolition term, meaning "take down the building with controlled demolition". Silverstein made BILLIONS on the fall of the WTC buildings. WTC-7 was a 47-story building a block or so away from the Twin Towers, and was NOT hit by a plane, yet mysteriously fell in about 6 seconds into pulverized dust. What did Silverstein mean by: "They made the decision"....."to PULL IT"...??? That's FOREKNOWLEDGE, the words: "THEY MADE THE DECISION"... If ONE building was beyond a doubt rigged for controlled demolition, well then... The mysterious fall of WTC-7 was also mysteriously left out of the official 9/11 Commission Report. Isn't that really weird? That a 47-story building fell that wasn't hit by a plane and it wasn't mentioned in the report? The area was sealed off and the steel was immediately shipped to other countries and melted down, instead of the normal procedure of examining the steel as a crime scene. Watch the "squibs" of controlled demolition explosions firing in order up the side of the building:

You can't make a 'DECISION' to 'PULL' a building unless you have control of it falling down and it's rigged with explosives! I don't need an expert to tell me that! Silverstein's own words on video: "They made the decision to pull....." They made the decision...They made the decision...." It didn't fall by itself, a DECISION was made for it to fall!

CNN poll: 83% say the government is covering up the real events of 9/11

In other news, BlueBear attacks the Burger King:

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