Friday, November 27, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Nov 27, 2009

What would Jesus buy? Rev Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping: celebrate "Buy Nothing Day", don't buy anything on Black Friday; there's life after shopping!

"Buy Nothing Day" message from Rev Billy

After 9/11, "president" Shopmore...OOPS! I mean, "president" George Bush advised Americans to SHOP MORE to fight "the terrorists":

BDBB flashback: Merry Christmax, From Corpra Claus!

World's greatest superpower? Let's put another trillion into more wars! Or why don't we give Israel a couple more billion? Or why don't we "bring democracy" to Iraq and Afghanistan? Why don't we bail out some more banksters for a trillion?

Max Keiser: Mt. Rushmore being renamed to Mount STEAL-MORE!!! (or Mt. Shopmore, one or the other) + the Dubai financial crisis.

The anti-immigrant whose parents were immigrants: rightwing media personality Michelle "Stalkin'" Malkin - the Filipino Fascist who's against health care for children (SCHIP), extending unemployent benefits, and a host of other anti-American rightwing sentiments; irony of ironies, is that if Stalkin' Malkin was on "the left", her racist fans would be calling her a "gook", ala John McCain!

I want to suck your blood; I hate American slaves that aren't the 1% richest!

BDBB Flashback: Don't get your VACLAV's mixed up!!!

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