Monday, November 23, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Nov 23, 2009

Shame on America II - Arkansas: the 2nd FREE HEALTH CLINIC:

1,500 Uninsured Arkansans Line Up For A Free Health Care Clinic

Stage-Three-Cancer Arkansan Hasn’t Seen Doctor in 7 Years

Eve Gittelson Interviews Arkansas Resident David McDonald at Olbermann Health Care Clinic

Blanche Lincoln’s Unprincipled, Cowardly Trifecta of Awfulness

Shame on America I - New Orleans

Bill Clinton puts politics ahead of America's health. He's afraid of looking bad, rather than publicizing the plight of the inunsured.

A big dog bites Bill Clinton in the nuts for shunning the Arkansas free health clinic for a selfish reason. "You Bastard!!!", growls NutBiter the pit bull. Chuckling, Hillary scratches NutBiter's neck. Hillary won't be laughing when NutBiter's sister TitRipper comes along right behind!

President Clinton to Skip Arkansas Free Clinic, Blames Olbermann for Politicizing Event

Does crazy, googly-eyed Rush Limbaugh/FOX "news" surrogate's claims of a stolen election have any merit? Do ACORN pimps and Oscar the Grouch run the electronic voting machines Democrats win on?

Examining the claims of Hoffman election being stolen on electronic voting machines.

THE Messiah Glenn Beck

America the Beautiful: KKK demonstration draws hundreds of protesters to Ole Miss

Glenn Beck the MESSIAH: we need to start thinking like the Chinese, the Messiah forms a "shadow cabinet", turn back the clock to the robber baron age.

The Stimulator VS Alex Jones Part 2

Follow the frikkin’ money!

Drug and insurance money pours in to the lobbyists offices AND political party coffers AND Media Company Advertising Departments. Take the drug and insurance ads off of television and there would be no profits for these companies.

Is this really so difficult to grasp?

Remember when it was illegal to advertise prescription drugs on TV? Those ridiculous ads that spend 5 seconds on brand image and the balance of time listing the side effects of the untested drug are merely cover for the direct bribery that is controlling the media, and thereby, the debate.

Take prescription drug and insurance advertising off the air. Americans don’t need insurance – they just need CARE. Make it illegal to donate to political activities. Make a debate network publicly available for free – where all political discourse and education can reside. Ban lobbyists.

If you want the problems to go away – eliminate the incentives built into the present system. Fire the existing politicians. They are criminals if they are voting in favor of legislation promoted by their donors. The system has morphed into one that facilitates high treason – the methodical destruction of the country under the disguise of apparent normalcy – as portrayed falsely by the complicit media barons. The plot by the CFR, the FED and their fascist oligarchs, to destroy America from within, has succeeded. They have sucked the host dry and are picking over the bones.

Hit reset. - plunger

The commercial that is one big disclaimer, funnier than a Saturday Night Live FAKE commercial. Soothing music, people on swings...while they're telling you CELEBREX will KILL YOU!!! Like the violin music they played in the train cars taking the Jews to the concentration camps!

This is a REAL commercial, it's not a Daily Show, Colbert Report, or Saturday Night Live FAKE/funny commercial; wait for the part where it says: "Celebrex MAY CAUSE DEATH"!!! WTF???

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