Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Nov 25, 2009

Dana Perino/FOX "news": 9/11 wasn't a terrorist attack:

Absolutely incredible alternate universe: FOX "news" and the Republican Party - former Bush press secretary Dana Perino says there were no terrorist attacks under Bush/Cheney. What about 9/11??? What about the anthrax attacks??? What the Christ??? How can these LIARS be on TV??? Sean "I doctor news videos" Hannity, of course, doesn't correct her. The "Re-Writing history for stupid people TV tour" continues as Dick & Liz Cheney hand the ball off to Dana Perino:

Remember on November 17th, the Taliban said Blackwater was to blame for bombings in Pakistan and no one believed them? Well, guess what? They were right!

Blackwater’s Secret War in Pakistan: Jeremy Scahill Reveals Private Military Firm Operating in Pakistan Under Covert Assassination and Kidnapping Program

Time to pony up and pay for these endless wars:

Remembering how dramatically -- and unexpectedly -- things have changed in the recent past is part of the toolbox for making a deeper, far more necessary change possible. Surely, the extraordinary power of ordinary people in Berlin and Seattle provides us with the kinds of history lessons, the riches we need, to start learning to count.

Ladies and gentlemen...

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