Friday, December 12, 2008

Bush Fakesters Get One Last Assignment

The same Bush fakesters who faked us into the Iraq War, are now faking us into believing a fake Bush legacy. Here's the truth:

Executive Branch failed America for the last 8 years.

The executive branch is proving unable to meet many of its most basic obligations to the American public. And the public appears to be increasingly uneasy. Just how bad is this government dysfunction? In an effort to answer that question, the Center for Public Integrity embarked on an examination of the worst systematic failures of the federal government over the past eight years.

Watchdog group: Depth of Bush failures surprised even us.

The Center For Public Integrity: Full List Of 128 Executive Branch Failures Since 2000

Eleanor Roosevelt, who served as President and Chair of the Commission on Human Rights during the drafting of the Declaration, holding a copy of the Declaration in Spanish.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 60: The United States Does Not Comply

There’s an ongoing Bush legacy project that’s been meeting in the White House, really, with senior advisers, Karl Rove, Karen Hughes has been involved, current senior Bush administration advisers and they are looking at how to sort of roll out the President’s legacy. The SAME people who sold you the war (see the film below: "Weapons of Mass Deception") are going to try and sell you a false Bush legacy.

Karl Rove orchestrating the ‘Bush Legacy project.’

Bush Legacy Watch: Is he the next MLK? U.S. Climate Change Delegate: My Biggest Regret Is Not Putting More Spin On Bush’s Record


This was the first of many crackling fireplace interviews complete with cracking jokes with the worst president ever. His legacy is 9/11, the Great Depression II, & torture...but you wouldn't know it from this crappy infomercial:

Keith Olbermann nails Bush on legacy including My Pet Goat, Air Quality & Rescue Workers, Anthrax, and 9/11.

The ultimate film exposing the Bush Fakesters: "Weapons of Mass Deception":

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