Thursday, December 18, 2008

BDBN 12/18:'s the thing...they're all full of CRAP!!!

Nice snorkel! Just like all the other officials are wearing!

Scholar: Cheney confessed to war crime

Exclusive: Cheney Holds Hard-Line Stance. In an Exclusive Interview with ABC News, Vice President Dick Cheney Opens Up About His Hard-Line Tactics

ZEN question: If someone commits a crime, and everyone's around to see it, and does it still a crime???'s the thing...


Hey, Dick! This woman says there were no orders to evacuate the Pentagon...even though it was known that a plane was headed towards it...what do you say about that? I guess she's lying, right?

Career Army officer sues Rumsfeld, Cheney, saying no evacuation order given on 9/11

Army officer sues Rumsfeld, Cheney, saying no evacuation order given on 9/11


OK...BEYOND A DOUBT...this story reeks of something underhanded. Black kid in Mississippi commits suicide with a shotgun when pulled over for minor traffic violation...COME ON!!!! CHRIST ALMIGHTY!!!!! I'm so sick of this BULLSHIT!!!!!:

So, you're telling me, this great high school running back setting all sorts of records, gets stopped for a minor traffic violation and commits suicide with a shotgun? Tell me one thing that makes sense of this "official story." If he was nuts, he would've shot the cops, first of all, not himself. Second, what's he doing with a shotgun? Third, for what reason whatsoever was there for him to do this? COME ON!!!!! WHO YOU KIDDING??? He had scholarship offers from a number of major schools including Alabama, LSU and Mississippi. Yep! Makes sense! Kill yourself! Right! BULLSHIT!!!!! So, you expect me to believe he was suicidal...but waiting to be pulled over for a minor traffic violation in order to commit suicide!!! What if he wasn't pulled over! Then he wasn't suicidal? He was suicidal only if he got pulled over? This just beats the HECK out of every bullshit story I've ever read! By the way, it's pretty hard to kill yourself with a SHOTGUN, you know how long they are, how can you reach the trigger if you're holding it backwards aimed at yourself?

Billey Joe Johnson, Top High School Football Recruit, Dies in Possible Traffic Stop Suicide

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