Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Dec 30, 2008

Now Big Brother is watching your kids! Too many cameras everywhere!

Big Brother CCTV to spy on pupils aged four - complete with CPS evidence kit

...and if they don't shoot you with a camera, they'll shoot you with a pain ray!

Police In The U.S. Could Soon Have "Pain Ray" Guns

...when the economy collapses!

Deepening economic strife in the US could lead to civil unrest and violence that would require military intervention, warns a new report from the US Army War College.

Republicans' "trickle down" theory: Cash-strapped states weigh selling roads, parks

US holiday season retail sales plunge amid recession


The Federal Reserve Abolition Act

Government, banks and Wall Street deliberately caused the credit crisis so that connected firms wouldn’t fail, although they were bankrupt, and gave the banks, chosen banks, the funds to buy out other banks insiders deemed to be failures. In order to assist, the FDIC has changed rules for lending at smaller banks, so big banks can take away that business. Then we have Bank of America using part of taxpayer’s loans to buy into a Chinese bank and bankrupt Citigroup, putting $3 billion into a Spanish toll road company. TARP is nothing more than a gravy train for the rich.

...here's where your money is going: Bush's "Global War Of Terror":

Bush's $1 Trillion War on Terror: Even Costlier Than Expected

We're spending in Iraq & Afghanistan: Per Month - $12.3 billion; Per Week - $2.9 billion; Per Day - $410 million; Per Hour - $17 million; Per Minute - $284,722; Per Second - $4,745


This is why I have a blog: the controlled corporate media is ignoring (on purpose) the worst environmental disaster in American history, 40x worse than the Exxon/Valdez oil spill in Alaska, and it occurred in RED STATES...keep voting Republican!!!:

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