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Big Dan's Big News December 13, 2008

A US soldier who went absent without leave a year and a half ago to avoid returning to Iraq has applied for asylum in Germany. Specialist Andre Shepherd served in Iraq between September 2004 and February 2005 as an Apache helicopter mechanic. When his unit was called up to return to Iraq in early 2007, he went AWOL to avoid redeployment, calling the war “illegal.” He lived underground in Germany for a year and a half before applying for asylum two weeks ago. We speak with Shepherd in his first international broadcast interview.

Andre Shepherd, served in Iraq between September 2004 and February 2005 as an Apache helicopter mechanic. He went AWOL a year and a half ago to avoid redeployment to Iraq. He is seeking asylum in Germany.

AWOL US Soldier Seeks Asylum in Germany Over Returning to “Illegal” War in Iraq

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A report released Thursday by leaders of the Senate Armed Services Committee said top Bush administration officials, including Donald H. Rumsfeld, the former defense secretary, bore major responsibility for the abuses committed by American troops in interrogations at Abu Ghraib in Iraq; Guantánamo Bay, Cuba; and other military detention centers.

Senate report ties Rumsfeld to Abu Ghraib abuse

Rumsfeld Responsible for Torture, Report Says

Leading lawyer calls for Rumsfeld prosecution

On the 60th Anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Human Rights. We celebrate 60 years of Failure

CIA Torture Tapes Destroyed After Watchdog Concluded Methods Illegal

Senate Report Finds Rumsfeld Directly Responsible for US Torture of Prisoners

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Is this guy below nuts? John Ashcroft is "stunned" that Americans are against torture and not giving someone due process! Another un-American that thinks we should trust the government and not question them breaking the law! How did we let these creeps ruin what we stand for in this country? These people thought that they could make their own rules and not follow the rules of America. I tell my kids, that no matter what the Bush administration says, torture is wrong! I think Jesus said that, too. Their Jesus, REPUBLICAN JESUS, said it's OK to torture. Which Jesus is yours: the real Jesus or REPUBLICAN JESUS - the one that said torture is OK? Maybe someday everyone who followed these guys down the dark side will pay for it. Maybe I mean someone who happens to be reading this. Things usually square up in the end. Maybe when those who worshipped REPUBLICAN JESUS meet the real Jesus. I wouldn't want to be them. Do unto others...

Ashcroft: Detaining Terror Suspects At Guantanamo Bay ‘Has Been A Humanitarian Act’

Halliburton accused of supplying rotten food to U.S. forces

STUDY: In Iraq Crisis, Networks Are Megaphones for Official Views. Network newscasts, dominated by current and former U.S. officials, largely exclude Americans who are skeptical of or opposed to an invasion of Iraq

As possible Afghan war-crimes evidence removed, U.S. silent

Britain leaves Iraq in shame. The US won't go so quietly

The CIA's clandestine role in Latin American politics continues. With the help of CIA spotters, the Peruvian air force shot down 15 small civilian aircraft suspected of carrying drugs, in many cases without warning and within two to three minutes of being sighted.

Operation Northwoods Exposed

Taxi To The Dark Side

Taxi to the Dark Side = in full

Torturing Democracy

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Blind faith in your leaders will get you and many others killed.

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