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Big Dan's Big News December 4, 2008

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How bad is this stock market?

Class warfare: a "fast lane" on I-95 for people who have more money. You have a "choice" now; if you have $$$ you get a faster lane, that's your "choice". And fuck everyone else! Use up ONE WHOLE LANE FOR A FEW PEOPLE WITH $$$! You previously had a "choice" of using that lane for free, now they're "helping you" by giving you a "choice" of using it for MONEY!!!!!!!!!

How much are you willing to pay to get out of congestion?

Dog saves other dog on highway:

BUSH: LYING HIS WAY INTO THE SUNSET. (with crackling fireplace infomercials)


Amero to become USA’s new currency when dollar collapses

Add Amero/North American Union to your page


● By no logic can anyone believe that nine separate sites in a city could be held to ransom by just 10 men.
● It seems strange that two terrorists could simultaneously fight and keep Indian commandos at bay for 62 hours, and also have the time to torture their victims. Yet the doctors were emphatic that: "It was apparent that most of the dead were tortured. What shocked me were the telltale signs showing clearly how the hostages were executed in cold blood."
● it seems apparent that the terrorists who kept the NSG commandos engaged and those who tortured and killed the hotel staff and guests were two separate groups.
● the nature of the Mumbai events suggests the signature of the 'Green Flag' special operations forces created by the Americans in Pakistan, just a year before the Soviet withdrawal.
● Raw trainees cannot hold four huge complexes in a city to ransom for so long.
● What is more, the only way 9 coordinated attacks can occur simultaneously is by using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) or live maps for communication and control. These are not normally owned by private parties.
● Media has been heavily criticized in some quarters for airing visuals of NSG commandos dropping on the hotel roofs from helicopters, and thus giving operational secrets away to the militants watching TV inside. If the criticism is to be valid, however, we will have to accept that the terrorists had more men inside who could be deployed to watch TV and give information which would enable them to react and rebuff the aerial assault. There is no way 2 to 6 terrorists could torture victims sadistically and kill them brutally, watch TV, fight and keep the security forces at bay for 62 hours, and then kill themselves or each other in impossible ways.
● The death of terrorists points to a clear double-cross
● The surviving terrorist has revealed that they were told of an escape plan – and no doubt that plan was used by those who killed their fellow terrorists and walked out free!

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Indian View: Cover Up?

Despite the apparent confusion and the obvious media spin, the picture that emerged from the early reporting of the Mumbai attacks was a fairly comprehensible one: a picture of a false flag commando raid.

Is Pakistan to Blame?

Please Don't Go Down the Bush- Cheney Road

What is the rationale of Mumbai terrorist attack?

Mumbai Attacks: Piecing Together the Story


Electric lighting. A railroad. An air ventilation system. Against incredible odds, the Allied airmen imprisoned at the Nazi POW camp Stalag Luft III secretly engineered these and other technological marvels 30 feet underground in the three escape tunnels they named "Tom," "Dick," and "Harry." They used only tools that they could manufacture themselves out of tin cans, and they scavenged building materials at great risk. When they were done, the airmen carried out one of the greatest mass escapes of all time. Through this interactive map, drawn after the war by one of the POWs, Ley Kenyon, explore the remarkable story of Harry, the 300-foot tunnel that 76 men snuck through during their infamous getaway on the night of March 24-25, 1944. To launch the interactive map of "Tunnell Harry", click HERE!!!

Great Escape: Experts dig into WWII's most daring and technically ingenius prison break.

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