Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Shoes...

Another heroic shoe thrower: Thomas Tamm...

Thomas Tamm threw the proverbial shoe at Bush when he blew the whistle on the secret NSA spying on Americans. A former Justice Department lawyer says he tipped off the news media about the Bush administration's warrantless eavesdropping program because it "didn't smell right," Newsweek magazine reported yesterday.

Newsweek: The Fed Who Blew The Whistle

Democracy NOW! interviews Michael Isakoff, author of Newsweek's "The Fed Who Blew The Whistle"

Add NSA Spying On Americans to your page

Cheney says fuck you to all the dead Americans and Iraqi civilians: "WMD's didn't matter" (so LYING us into war didn't matter! how can Cheney go around saying things like this without being thrown in jail?)

Cheney admits authorizing torture

A giant container of shoes for George W. Bush from activists...

A "Thank You" container of shoes for Muntazer Al-Zaidi

Code Pink: A Walk In Their Shoes

Activists mailing shoes to the White House

Iraqi shoe thrower elicits mixed reaction among Arabs. Journalist a hero to some, embarrassment to others—but most empathize with his rage

Shoe thrower 'beaten in custody'

Journalist who threw shoes at Bush, Muntazer al-Zaidi, 'has broken arm and ribs'

If you can read Arabic...

Bush Thought They'd Greet Him With Flowers...

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