Friday, December 19, 2008

Big Dan's Big News December 19, 2008

Bush's guy in charge of "the bailout": former head of Goldman-Sachs and present Treasury secretary Hank Paulson...taking NOW OVER 8 TRILLION DOLLARS our tax money and giving it to his buddies because they gambled their money away. Are YOU paying 1% taxes like Paulson's former company Goldman-Sachs???

Goldman Sachs cuts taxes to 1% (one percent) by moving profits offshore

The Un-American Republican Gang Of 18

What are the people below saying about this?



This guy needs a punch in the head. NOW...he wants more oversight over the White House...NOW that Bush & Cheney are leaving...OF COURSE...he's a Republican! Wipe that smirk off your face, asshole. You just proved to everyone in America that you only care about party and not the country...and you severely need a punch in the head.

After 8 years of letting Bush/Cheney do anything they wanted, Republicans suddenly care about White House oversight now that the president isn't a Republican

Book: Tenet drunkenly mocked Bush neocons, right-wing Israelis


We better start listening to Lindsey Williams! (before they kill him)

Lindsey Williams said the oil barons told him a barrel of oil would go up to $150/barrel ($4.50/gallon gas) before it did:

...then said the oil barons told him it would drop back down to $50/barrel ($1.75/gallon gas) before it did:


"Nothing is Safe" slices through the layers of propaganda of the Lebanon War like a laser. A brilliant and crisply edited collection of voices and images. Essential viewing. – David Barsamian, Director - Alternative Radio


Dubai hotel to build first air conditioned beach

Air Conditioned Beach: Dubai Set to Open First Beach with Refrigerated Sand

Tenacious D - Master Exploder

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