Sunday, December 7, 2008

Big Dan's Big News December 7, 2008

Not being covered!

The biggest current story with the least amount of corporate controlled media coverage: Canada "conservative" prime minister suspends Canadian parliament to delay vote to oust him!

Canada's conservative Prime Minister is being ousted by parliament!

Canada's crisis-torn parliament was suspended Thursday in a move which helped Prime Minister Stephen Harper block an opposition bid to topple his government and take over without fresh elections.

Acting head of state, Governor General Michaelle Jean, agreed to Harper's demand to suspend the two-week old assembly during two hours of crisis talks.

"On my advice, the governor-general has agreed to prorogue parliament," Harper said, after a week of turmoil when three opposition parties banded together to oust his new government.

Canada suspends parliament in reprieve for under-fire PM. Governor general's decision delays

Canada Political Crisis Suspends Fight on Economy

Crisis-torn Canada suspends parliament

Special commentary by Big Dan: "We don't have universal health care, so with all these job losses, these people are also losing their health care! So, a health care crisis is going along hand-in-hand with the job crisis!"

Somehow, even though we're in financial crisis, we're giving 197 million to Mexico!

US delivers 197 million anti-crime package to Mexico


This is just another reason America is turning away from the Republican Party:

Under a new midnight regulation crammed through by the Bush Department of Health and Human Services and poised to become law any day now, any health-care worker may refuse to perform procedures, offer advice or dispense prescriptions, if doing so would offend their "religious beliefs or moral convictions."

The Abortion Wars Get Technical. Women have few rights at all when doctors can legally misinform them or deny service entirely.


The Justice Department has reopened an investigation into potential juror misconduct in the bribery conviction of former Democratic Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, whose case has widely been panned as an example of political prosecution.

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Not being content to literally get away with murder, OJ Simpson, the King of Idiots, gets put in jail for a Vegas robbery! A good idea for someone who wasn't an idiot, would have been to NOT participate in Vegas robberies if you previously got away with murder.

Would YOU do THIS (below) if you had previously gotten away with murder??? OJ Simpson: possibly worse than the Bush administration! You know why they call him "The Juice"? Because he has the IQ of a glass of juice...

Tribute to the STOOPIDEST runningback of all time: The murderin'/robbin'/actin' Juice: OJ Simpson...soon to GO AWAY just like Bush:


Beck - Milk & Honey (live)

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Don't take your red ribbons off, You're about to make a fool of yourself.
In the aluminum sunset, Drinking from a drain,I'm a hundred miles behind myself.

Milk and honey, Pouring down like money, Make a poor boy wanna run.
Milk and Honey, Do you wanna love me, Under the aluminum sun.

Did you hear those war torn stories, Where the lifeguards slept in the streets.
In the jungle lands, With the cold cola cans, You'll get the keys to the city for free.

Milk and honey, Pouring down like money, Make a poor boy wanna run.
Milk and Honey, Do you wanna love me, Under the aluminum sun.

Bangkok athletes in the biosphere.
Arkansas wet dreams, We all disappear.
Kremlin mistress, Rings the Buddha chimes
She slips me ruffies, Receding hairlines

She's all right...touching my body
She's all right...on my computer
She's all right...selling me watches
She's all right...ring on my finger

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