Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Sep 8, 2009

Privatize the Police & Fire Departments

"They said I never mentioned I had a back problem," said Marrari, 52, whose coverage with Blue Cross was abruptly canceled in 2006 after a thyroid disorder, fluid in the heart and lupus were diagnosed. That left the Los Angeles woman with $25,000 in medical bills and the stigma of the company's claim that she had committed fraud by not listing on a health questionnaire "preexisting conditions" Marrari said she did not know she had.

Canceled policies: Insurers cite fraud control. ‘Rescission’ tales fuel outrage among regulators, analysts, doctors, lawyers

More astrotuf: Americans For Prosperity (like Freedom Works, etc...). So who's behind the AFP? And why are they so bent on seeing further delay in government action on an issue that the top scientists at the nation's best institutes are saying needs to be dealt with now? Our research team at DeSmog has put together a briefing note on the AFP, their history and most importantly who funds them.

The Big Money behind Americans for Prosperity

Rep. Mike Pence, Who Led Witch Hunt Against Van Jones, Took $1000s From Extremist Erik Prince

What Does The Fox News Channel Have Against Green Jobs?

Taking down a nation: Money, murder and national sovereignty

Labor Day and the low-wage future

Jesus & God Hate Obama: An Arizona pastor says he hates President Barack Obama and that he's praying for his death. In an August sermon, Steven Anderson used the bible to try and justify his controversial position. This is exactly why I don't go to church anymore.

Kentucky football coach baptizes players on trip without parents' consent.

Rush Limbaugh's other crazy fill-in (last week was Mark Steyn): Iraqi's selling their kidneys for money is OK!!! Hey, idiot: they're doing it because we bombed their country into Kingdom Come, and they have no economy!!! And it's wrong anyway!!! I suppose, though, you're AGAINST stem cell research!!! The radical fringe of the right is still the minority, but they have the media.

MSNBC's Olbermann declares war against Fox

MSNBC: Olbermann calls out conservative media for "urging America to just stay home from school"

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