Thursday, September 17, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Sep 17, 2009

ACORN responds to rightwing attacks!

The anti-poverty group ACORN is coming under a firestorm of criticism after the group’s workers were caught on camera appearing to offer advice to a pimp and prostitute. The video was a major strike for conservatives who for years have accused ACORN of voter-registration fraud during presidential elections. Republicans are calling for a complete cutoff of all federal funding to the group, which helps poor people fight foreclosures, fix tax problems and register to vote. We speak with ACORN chief executive Bertha Lewis.

(bd: ACORN=NIGGERS in the rightwing dictionary)

ACORN Head Bertha Lewis Vows Action on Employee Misconduct, But Warns Group Targeted by "Modern-Day McCarthyism"

Senator Vitter's madam woes may be crimping his anti-ACORN crusade

Pres. Carter Stands by Obama, Racism Comment

Video 1 - President Carter
Video 2 - Glenn Beck compares president Carter to Osama Bin Laden
Video 3 - Olbermann on Racism
Video 4 - 1/3 of N.J. Republicans think Obama might be the anti-Christ!
Video 5 - Racism discussion on MSNBC

Limbaugh: We need segregated buses

FLASHBACK: HATE Radio signs Rush Limbaugh to HALF-BILLLION dollar contract!!!!!!!

HATE SPEECH CONTINUES - Rush Limbaugh smears president Carter, calls him "National Hemorrhoid" EIGHT times during HATE RANT!

Various Tokyo Rose (Rush Limbaugh) HATE-O-RAMA snippets from HateWing Radio.

Poll: 1/3 of N.J. Republicans think Obama might be the anti-Christ!

GOP "politics of FEAR": GOP now scaring families with disabled children to demonize health care reform! In order: health care reform, according to the GOP, is a secret plot to kill: 1. old people 2. veterans 3. Republicans 4. women with breast cancer 5. disabled children (Rachel forgot that Glenn Beck said health care reform will kill blacks when he recently/shockingly had a black person on saying that) 6. (what's next? my prediction is that the GOP will say health care reform will kill whites or Jesus or cute little puppy dogs):

Olbermann exposes Democrat snake-oil salesman Max Bauchus' proposed MANDATORY giveaway to the health insurance industry:

Democracy's Gold Standard - Hand-Marked, Hand-Counted Paper Ballots, Publicly Tabulated at Every Polling Place in America...

Glenn Greenwald: The "liberal" Washington Post: demands accountability for due process and torture abuses -- in Iran! ...but NOT the U.S.

Swine flu death rate similar to seasonal flu: expert

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