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Big Dan's Big News Sep 29, 2009

(Update: Guess what? They pulled this American Police Force website after I posted this! When you hit the big blue "American Police Force" below, it's gone, Captain!!! It was here on Google: American Police Force Organization - Official Website
American Police Force is dedicated to maintaining our well deserved professional reputation as a results oriented full-service private investigative and ...
http://www.americanpolicegroup.com/ - Cached - Similar)

Why would they feel the NEED to identify themselves as "American"??? (see: FREEDOM Works)

Update again: it's back up!

If it's got a name, and it's not "the police"...it's a corporation! Get it? Blackwater isn't "the army"...it's BLACKWATER! Get it??? It's not public, it's CORPORATE ("private")!!! Do you say: "let's call the police" or do you say: "Let's call APF American Police Force" when you need the police? Christ!!! The FASCISTS are winning!!! Next up: American Fire Protection!!! Pay your premium or they won't put out your fire!!! They'll put out rich peoples' homes if they're on fire!!! Will you wake up before America is toast???

WHO IS - American Police Force (APF) ???????

The jail in Hardin has been empty for about two years, but on September 4th officials with the Two Rivers Authority, the economic development agency that paid for the facility, signed a contract with a private police firm called American Police Force to fill the jail.

As Ralph Nader says: they win the war of words if you use "privatize" instead of "corporatize". Is this the beginning of CORPORATIZING the police force? Taking it out of the public domain? Is America becoming FASCIST?

Ralph Nader: Purloining the People's Property

What Is American Police Force?

CA co. preps to take over MT jail

Reports: Mysterious, unregistered security firm policing Montana town

Privatize The Police Department!!!!!!!!!!

This video was a JOKE...and now it's really happening! See the above! Wake up, people! Or keep listening to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, who could've actually MADE this video below FOR REAL!!! Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are rich fucks speaking for other rich fucks who would actually love it if this happened, and you could listen to them as your house is burning down and have them tell you it's "OK" to corporatize (privatize) the entire public domain!!! Please don't be too dumb to see what people like that are really for and who they speak for!!!

If you're a U.S. citizen peacefully protesting in the U.S. and it's NOT a contrived corporate sponsored staged "protest" against health care, make sure you bring ear plugs, a gas mask, and body armor! But don't bring a gun or they'll taze your ass and throw you in jail!

For first time ever, U.S. government uses sound cannons on it's citizens.

As leaders of the world’s richest nations gathered in Pittsburgh for the G-20 summit this past Thursday and Friday, thousands took to the streets in protest amidst a heavy police crackdown. Heavily armed riot police were out in force and used tear gas, stun grenades, smoke canisters and sound cannons, which direct extremely loud shrill sounds. It was believed to be the first time sound cannons have been publicly used in the United States. More than 175 people were arrested over two days.

Nearly 200 Arrested as Police Unleash Tear Gas, Sound Cannons at G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh

GRITtv: Bill Quigley: Right To Dissent Suspended in Pittsburgh (bd: because it wasn't a corporate-sponsored anti-health-care reform staged protest? The constitutional right to dissent was SUSPENDED! Do you hear that, Teabaggers? Glenn Beck? Libertarians?)

GRITtv with Laura Flanders brings participatory democracy onto your computer screen and into your living room, bridging the gap between audience and advocates. Watch any show, at any time: http://grittv.org

The U.S. Creeps Closer To A Police State

Longtime counterintel official acknowledges evidence behind key aspect of allegations against Marc Grossman made by former FBI translator turned whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. Agency vet says investigation was 'buried and covered up,' calls for new investigation, 'accountability'...

Former FBI Agent Confirms: Bush State Official Was Target of 'Decade-Long' Espionage Probe.

Jeremy Scahill on defunding ACORN and the mysterious electocution deaths in Iraq.

How could any sane person put even the wildest allegations against ACORN up against the systematic misconduct and criminality of massive corporations?

Jeremy Scahill: Is the Hypocritical War Against ACORN Unconstitutional?

Where is the Defund Blackwater Act?

Read my lips: the "defund ACORN" bill is a Corporate Death penalty for ALL entities that defraud the government, not just ACORN. And we ALL can agree on this! Right? Great!!! Or is it different, now that it's for ALL entities that ripoff the government...not just ACORN?

Pressure Builds On Pentagon to Investigate Electrocution Death in Iraq

Another Mysterious Electrocution Death in Iraq

1976 & 1960's Small Faces with Steve Marriot, & 1985 Marriot - Whatcha Gonna Do About It?

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