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"Politically Motivated Hype" - At least the 3rd coordinated blitz by government/media for an Iran War by the United States of Israel

Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter joins us to discuss what he calls “politically motivated hype” over Iran’s nuclear program. The Obama administration has warned of sanctions unless Iran allows inspections of a newly disclosed nuclear site. Iran insists the site has been used for peaceful purposes. The row comes just after Iran’s test-firing of medium- and long-range missiles and before Iranian officials are due to hold talks with the US and five other nations in Geneva.

SCOTT RITTER: Israel launched a massive air exercise last year, in which it demonstrated the ability to fly hundreds of aircraft, you know, the distance necessary to strike targets in Iran. The United States is carrying out exercises with Israel as we speak. You know, the bottom line is it’s the United States and Israel which are the more aggressive of the players here. Iran is not an aggressor. Iran has not attacked anybody. Iran is simply trying to do that which it is legally allowed to do: produce enriched uranium for the purposes of nuclear power. It’s Israel, which, by the way, is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, claims it will never be a signatory and has a massive nuclear weapons capability—it’s Israel and the United States which are creating a crisis out of nothing.

Fmr. UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter Warns Against “Politically Motivated Hype” on Iran Nuke Glenn Greenwald on Iran: rhetoric vs. actions - ISRAEL and the U.S. actually has been invading countries, Iran hasn't!...senators Kyl, Bond, McCain, & Obama hit the TV circuit promoting an Iran War...

The story line that dominated media coverage of the second Iranian uranium enrichment facility last week was the official assertion that U.S. intelligence had caught Iran trying to conceal a "secret" nuclear facility.

But an analysis of the transcript of that briefing by senior administration officials that was the sole basis for the news stories and other evidence reveals damaging admissions, conflicts with the facts and unanswered questions that undermine its credibility.

POLITICS: U.S. Story on Iran Nuke Facility Doesn't Add Up

Iran's Nuclear Program: Iran truthful, in treaty compliance; US/Israel lying, in treaty violation

Does this Iran War rhetoric sound familiar? Remember the SAME FALSE RHETORIC for Iraq?

Weapons of Mass Deception - how the government worked with the media to push a war based on lies

The "Dancing Israelis" demand that we attack another Arab country on their behalf and have more American soldiers die for them and put us deeper in war debt...

For almost two years, hundreds of young Israelis falsely claiming to be art students haunted federal offices -- in particular, the DEA. No one knows why -- and no one seems to want to find out.

Israeli Wiretappers, the NSA, and 9/11: Are Members of the U.S. Govt Being Blackmailed by Israel and Others via Wiretaps?

Senators introduce bill to repeal telecom wiretapping immunity

Longtime counterterrorism agent Phil Giraldi comments on FBI vet John Cole's recent confirmation of Bush official targeted in 'decade-long' espionage probe

CIA Vet: FBI Whistleblower Edmonds 'Very Credible'

Longtime counterintel official acknowledges evidence behind key aspect of allegations against Marc Grossman made by former FBI translator turned whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. Bureau vet says investigation was 'buried and covered up,' calls for new investigation, 'accountability'...

Former FBI Agent Confirms: Bush State Official Was Target of 'Decade-Long' Espionage Probe

VIDEO: Schakowsky Publicly Denies Affair With Turkish Agent as 'Total Fantasy,' 'Totally Made Up'. FBI whistleblower Edmonds stands by allegations, challenges IL Dem Congresswoman to 'bring a libel suit against me'...

Senior official in Bush domestic propaganda program remains Obama’s Pentagon spokesman

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