Monday, September 28, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Sep 28, 2009

It's becoming clear: James "the pimp" O'Keefe has a rich rightwing sugardaddy that finances his "sting" operations against liberal groups, which are nothing more than financed anti-liberal infomercials!

"James O'Keefe, the activist filmmaker who achieved sudden fame for a series of undercover videos recording ACORN workers, has repeatedly said that he is "absolutely independent" and received no outside funding to make his films."

But the Voice has learned that O'Keefe, in fact, has had heavyweight conservative backers who funded the young filmmaker as recently as a few months before his ACORN films were made.

Village Voice: Conservative Facebook Investor Funded Anti-ACORN Videographer

O'Keefe "not sure" if he broke the law with his ACORN "sting". Translation: he's in DEEP SHIT:

In Failed Bid To Salvage Filmmaker's Credibility, Fox's Wallace Attacks Media Matters

Among recipients of government money already convicted of serious misconduct, ACORN (had it been so convicted) wouldn't make it onto the list of the top 100.

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Federal Contractor Misconduct Database

ACORN and the top recipients of government contracts among companies guilty of serious misconduct.

Public Option Now Petition

Conservatives and libertarians, mostly, have been advancing the theory lately that the individual mandate, in which the government would compel everyone to buy insurance or pay a penalty, is unconstitutional.

NYTimes: A Constitutional Debate Over a Health Care Mandate

Betsy McCaughey, Big Tobacco, and the campaign to destroy health care reform

Horribly Injured Americans Against Obamacare

Your electronic vote in the 2010 election has just been bought

The HBO movie: "Hacking Democracy"

The Oklahoma City bombing revisited:

NYTimes - Attorney: OKC Bombing Tapes Appear Edited

Oklahoma City Bomb Report

Oklahoma City Bombing and suicided Sgt. Terry Yeakey

A Guilty Agent: The Shadowy Role of Timothy McVeigh

Parallels to the 9/11/01 Attack


Small Faces Documentary

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