Monday, September 21, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Sep 21, 2009


Gang of "SICK": The "Gang of Six", Three Republican and three Democratic senators in the group, all of them members of the Senate Finance Committee, received an average of $74,600 from health industry lobbyists, according to The Chronicle's analysis of records through June.

Why the Gang of Six is Deciding Health Care for Three Hundred Million of Us

ACORN: The New Republican "boogeyman"; ACORN=NIGGER in the rightwing dictionary (code word)

ACORN registered 1.6 million voters in recent years, mostly low-income Americans who overwhelmingly vote Democratic. The group's registration prowess led to the victories that gave Dems control of both houses of Congress and flipped many states from red to blue in the 2008 presidential election. So badly do Republican leaders want to shut down the surge of poor voters that senior White House officials in the Bush administration tried to push a former U.S. Attorney, David Iglesias, to investigate "voter fraud" by ACORN in New Mexico.

Acorn – the new Republican bogeyman. If rightwing operatives succeed in bringing down the community group, Democrats and minorities will have lost a valuable ally

In defense of ACORN. The right-wing crusade against ACORN is a far bigger fraud than any misdeeds a few employees might have committed

The ACORN witch hunt: Voter-registration success spurs unfair attack

ACORN Philadelphia office throwing out FAKE rightwing pimp/prostitute didn't make the "news"

AIPAC lobbying against peace in the Middle East

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