Monday, September 14, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Sep 15, 2009

"ACORN" = "NIGGERS" in the rightwing code dictionary!

Why does the right and their media always smear ACORN? Because ACORN is the opposite of everything the right and the Republicans stand for.....oh, and there's lots of "niggers" in ACORN by coincidence once again! "ACORN" = "NIGGERS" in the GOP/rightwing dictionary. I'll tell you why the right hates ACORN: it's the biggest grassroots activist group with the most minorities in it!

ACORN campaigns: Affordable Housing, Better Schools, Fair Housing, Fair Tax Fees, Foreclosures, Gulf Coast Recovery, Health Care, Immigration, Living Wage, Paid Sick Days, Predatory Lending, Utilities, and Voter Engagement.

Booting ACORN from 9/12 DC rally: whites follow around and harass black ACORN activists, until they are booted from the 9/12 white tea bagger protest. This video is actually from someone who is AGAINST ACORN, he's condoning and promoting this behavior! At the end, the white guy harassing her refers to the blacks as "these people". Was ACORN not allowed to be at this rally? Am I missing something here? If this was a rally against government tyranny, were certain people not allowed to be there? From what I gather from this video, this white jerk followed around and harassed these black girls until one of them took a swing (or so he says) at them. If this guy did this to me, I would've turned around, grabbed his arm, and shoved it up his ass...SIDEWAYS!!!

CNN: Tea Party organizer Mark Williams called Obama “an Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug”

Conservative ostracized by the right, after exposing another conservative's ties to a white supremacist group.

Tea Baggers Harass guy with "Public Option" sign. SO.......the Tea Party's are bi-partisan, huh? All Americans joining against "tyranny", huh? This man is loudly boo'd with people shouting: "Get him out of here!" He needs a police escort to walk through the sea of white "patriots".

Chris the Truck Driver: Tea Baggers have a major network (the news for white folks: FOX "news") and astroturf corporations promoting them. Show me where a major network has EVER sponsored an anti-war protest!!!

Tea Baggers ignore the REAL fascism (as usual): our "democracy" being controlled by ONE corporation with secret invisible vote counting: ES&S:

Your Once-Public Elections & Your Once-Public Elections on ES&S Monopoly Steroids. Dear Teabaggers: Here's something REAL you can actually worry about and/or take action on...

ObamaCare: Right Diagnosis, Wrong Prescription. $900 billion insurance carrier gift leaves 36 million uninsured...

Most US doctors back public health option: poll

Prominent Kentucky GOP pol charged with murder in ex-fiancee's death

Jon Stewart: FOX "news" can't SHIT on a party THEY threw!!!

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